Mizoram landslides: Mizo association to continue search for 4 missing bodies

Mizoram landslides: Mizo association to continue search for 4 missing bodies

Following Cyclone Remal, which caused severe landslides and 28 deaths in Aizawl district, CYMA will continue searching for four missing bodies. The operation will conclude at 4 pm tomorrow if the bodies are not found.


The Central Young Mizo Association (CYMA) will continue the search for four more missing bodies at Melthum and Hlimen, in the aftermath of Cyclone Remal which brought devastating consequences to the Aizawl district.

The cyclone wreaked havoc resulting inh multiple landslides which claimed the lives of 28 individuals.

As more bodies are yet to be recovered, the association will resume its search. However, if the bodies are not found tomorrow, the authorities will close the search and rescue operation at 4 pm, according to media reports. 

It may be mentioned that a period of 7 days is the usual traditional practice followed by the Mizos when a mass search for bodies is under way. However, even though the search will continue, it will not be like the mass search organised by the CYMA.  

The distribution of casualties across various locations within the district has been reported. Melthum has the highest number of deceased with 15, followed by Hlimen with 6. Salem reported 3 deceased, Falkawn 2, while Kelsih and Lungsei each reported 1 deceased.

The recovery of these bodies brings the total number of confirmed casualties to 28, highlighting the severity of the landslides that swept through the region.

The impact of Cyclone Remal on Aizawl has been profound, leading to widespread destruction and displacement. The cyclone's heavy rains, floods, and subsequent landslides have left a trail of devastation, resulting in the destruction of 127 houses. Government officials have reported that 46 houses are partially damaged, 28 are fully damaged, and 53 have suffered severe damage.

The affected areas within Aizawl District encompass Melthum, Hlimen, Phulpui, Aibawk, Salem veng, Chawnpui veng, Kelsih, Falkawn, Sumsuih, Lungsei, Sairang, and Sairang Dinthar.

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Published On: Jun 02, 2024