Mizoram: Mizo community extends aid to Remal Cyclone victims

Mizoram: Mizo community extends aid to Remal Cyclone victims

In the wake of Cyclone Remal, the Mizo community displayed extraordinary unity and compassion. From rescue operations to providing essential supplies and support, their collective efforts were remarkable.

Story highlights
  • Mizo community volunteers aid in rescue operations and provide essential supplies
  • Young men carry coffins over long distances due to blocked roads
  • Paramilitary forces and local organizations contribute significantly to relief efforts

In the aftermath of the Remal cyclone, the spirit of humanity shined bright in the Mizo community as people from all walks of life came together to aid those affected by the disaster. Volunteers from local communities offered immediate assistance in terms of rescue operation, providing first aid, and distributing essential supplies. Many localities prepared food for rescue workers at their community halls. 

As Melthum to Falkawn road was blocked, the Zoram Medical College, situated at Falkawn was faced with the herculean task of providing for its patients. The heavy rainfall cut off electricity and the diesel to run their generator was finished. Several individuals in the locality donated their diesel to the hospital

Adding to the misery, they had discharged deceased patients to be taken back to Aizawl and other villages. As the road blockage could not be immediately cleared, young Mizo men volunteered to carry the coffins by walking several kilometres and climbing through mountains of debris.

One of the deceased had to be taken to Mission Vengthlang locality of Aizawl, from Zoram Medical College and after a few kilometres of carrying the coffin by vehicle which they had to carry the coffin by foot. Many Young Mizo Association volunteers from various hamlets along the highway cleared the paths for them to make their journey, walkable. 

Another coffin had an old lady named Lalrimawii, who was at her farm land near the village of Samlukhai when a landslide destroyed her jhum hut, burying her, her husband, and their son. Initially, they were all rescued from the landslide but she later succumbed to her injuries.

The Samlukhai village prepared her coffin and was handed over to Sialsuk village-all on foot. Everyone in the adjoining village helped in transferring the coffin, all on foot through several kilometres.

Besides the local volunteers, one must also highlight the helping hands given by the paramilitary forces, providing food to rescue workers. The Canine Squad of Mizoram police and the Border Security Force also lended their skills in locality bodies trapped under the thick muds.

Various organizations also donated several thousands towards the Chief Minister Relief Fund. And individuals with trucks were also seen, volunteering their vehicle for anyone requiring to move their belongings to a safe place.

Edited By: sanchayaita roy
Published On: May 30, 2024