Mizoram Police seized drugs and liquor worth several crores ahead of the Lok Sabha election

Mizoram Police seized drugs and liquor worth several crores ahead of the Lok Sabha election

Ahead of the Lok Sabha election, Mizoram Police conducted a state-wide drive against drugs and liquor, seizing a large quantity of substances and arresting numerous individuals.

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As part of the state-wide drive launched by Mizoram Police to check the use of liquor and drugs, over 4773 litres of Local Made Liquor (LML) worth Rs. 23,28,000/, 2577 litres of Indian-Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) worth Rs. 41,23,200/-, 66 litres of BEDC worth Rs. 49,500/-, 636 cans of Beer worth Rs. 3,18,000/- at the local market were seized and about 13,340 litres of fermented rice worth Rs. 46,69,000/- were destroyed during the period from 16th March, 2024 to 8th April, 2024. 51 cases were registered at Police Stations and 61 accused persons were arrested.
5.513 Kgs. of Heroin worth Rs. 1,65,39,000/-, 26.469 kgs. of Methamphetamine worth Rs. 3,44,09,700/- and 23.085 kgs of Ganja worth Rs. 1,15,425/- were also seized during the same period. 25 cases were registered at Police Stations and 33 accused persons were arrested in these cases.

Achievements of District Executive Force (DEF) during the said period are highlighted as under:

Aizawl DEF : 
Aizawl district Police worked day and night to uncover illegal drugs and alcohol operations. On 25.03.2024, Sairang PS staff seized 50 cases (600 bottles 750 ml each) of IMFL Royal Stag v/o Rs.720,000/- from one Truck B/R No.AS-01-GC-5855, driven by S.Ali and truck owner Ashique Uddin Choudhury s/o Sorof Uddin Choudhury of Janaki Bazar, Hailakandi were arrested.  
On 27.03.2024, Aizawl PS staff conducted checking of illicit local made liquor (Zu) within the peripheral limit of Phunchung & Rangvamual. During the wake of checking, 35 pits from different factories containing about 2800 litres of fermented rice capable of producing 2,800 litres of LML v/o Rs. 14 Lakhs and 15 Nos. of steel container (Belpui) were destroyed.
On 31.3.2024, Sialsuk seized suspected 410 litres of Local made liquor v/o Rs.2,05,000/- inside one vehicle, Alto MZ 01T 6897 from the possession of the driver, Zosangpuia s/o Saikunga.
During this period, Aizawl DEF seized 2397 litres of LML, fermented rice 5440 litres, 609 bottles of IMFL, 2.940 grams of Heroin. 22 cases registered and 24 persons were arrested.

Lunglei DEF :
     On March 22, 2024 Lunglei PS staff seized 261 bottles of IMFL (189 bottles of Royal Stag whiskey and 72 bottles of Mc dowels RUM)  total value Rs 313,200/-from the possession of Anchar Ali(41) s/o Abdul Manan of Ariel Karimganj District, while carrying the contraband seized articles towards Lawngtlai with Vehicle i.e., Tata Truck B/R no-ML05 Y 1338 driven by the accused person at the out skirt of Hrangchalkawn. 
On 26.3.2024 Lunglei Police recovered and seized 355 packet of LML (about 150 liters) from the illegal possession of Rosmi Chakma (28) d/o Sodish Kumar Chawngte ‘C’ P/A Rahsiveng, Lunglei. 
During the said period, Lunglei DEF seized 448 litres of LML, 2100 litres of fermented rice, 271 litres of IMFL, 174 grams of Heroin seized. 11 cases registered and 13 persons were arrested.

Kolasib DEF :
On 16.03.2024, ASI TC Vanthara of Phaisen Police Check Gate and party conducted random checking of vehicles and seized 100 cases (1200 bottles) of IMFL, 2 cases of beer (48 cans) from Bolero Pick up B/R No. MZ07 9631. Driver Munna Khan (38) s/o Sofik Khan of Berenga, Silchar, Cachar, Assam and Uddin Laskar (29) s/o Asak Ali Laskar of Saydpur Part-2, Silchar, Cachar, Assam were arrested
On 29.3.2024, Vairengte Police recovered and 1). Royal stag 18 cases (full bottle)-162 litres. 2). Royal stag 2 cases of (quarter bottles) - 18 litres, 3). MC Dowel no.1 (whisky) full bottles 8 cases - 72 litres, 4). MC Dowel no.1 (whisky) half bottles 6 cases - 54 litres, 5). MC Dowel no.1 (rum) 4 cases (full bottles) - 36 litres. 6). MC Dowel no.1 (rum) 10 cases (half bottles) - 90 litres. 7). MC Dowel no.1 (rum) 18 cases (quarter bottles) - 162 litres from one vehicle 1109 B/R no. AS24C—2756. Value of the seized items is Rs. 2,01,984/- as per printed price. The conveyance vehicle along with ignition key and available documents were also seized, the vehicle driver Samir Uddin (20) s/o Mafik Uddin of Kaninagar Pt-1, PS-Borkhola, Cachar dist. Assam was arrested.

On 31.03.2024, special drive on liquor was conducted at SaiphaI Police Out Post/Check Gate, one vehicle Bolero Pick Up (white colour) B/R NO. AS-0204/0636 driven by Dhasar Yoti Bishwas (32) s/o Moran Bishwas of Gharubandha, Mikir Gaon, PS: Kathiatoli, Assam accompanied by Rasidul Haque (28) s/o Habibur Ramman of Jamurmur PS: Kampur Dist: Nagaon, Assam coming from Silchar side proceeding towards Lamka, Manipur was checked and recovered suspected IMFL i.e., 19 cases of Royal Stag (228 bottles of 750 ml each) total v/o R 1,07,383/-, MC Dowells No. 1 whisky-3 cases (36 bottles of 750 ml each) v/o Rs.12,960/-, MC Dowells No. 1 whisky-10 cases (240 bottles of 375 ml each) v/o Rs. 43,200, MC Dowells No. 1 whisky-15 cases (720 bottles of 140 ml each) v/o Rs. 64,800/-. Budweiser (magnum) 19 cases (456 can of 500 ml each) v/o Rs.63,384/-, Tuborg 2 cases (48 can of 500 ml each) v/o Rs.5,280/-, and Bira 5 cases (120 can of 500 ml each) v/0 Rs.12,500/- the volume of suspected is 735 litres in all, total v/o Rs.3,09,612/- (as per printed price) which were kept inside the body of the said vehicle. The said suspected IMFL and vehicle bolero pick up (white colour) B/R no. AS-02DC/0636 and available documents alongwith its ignition key were seized.

During this period, Kolasib Police seized 1680 half bottles of IMFL, 624 quarter bottles of IMFL, 624 cans of Beer, 45 grams of Heroin. 4 cases registered and 7 persons were arrested.

Mamit DEF :
On 22.03.2024, foot patrolling party of Zawlnuam outpost seized 358 polythene packets of local made  liquor (119 ltrs.) v/o Rs.59,500/- from the joint possession of Uzitrai (28) s/o Sangliana (L) of Zamuang Mamit Dist P/A Hamthai, Tripura along with one vehicle Creta Regn. No. MZ 06 7217 driven by Elvarliana (50) s/o Vanphuna (L) of Zamuang.
During this period, Mamit DEF seized 147 litres of LML, 12 cans of beer, 4.35 grams of Heroin. 9 cases registered and 10 persons were arrested.
Serchhip DEF:

On 1.4.2024, Thenzawl Police discovered illegal LML breweries (eight sets of improvised containers), which were destroyed at the spot by the raid party. Owner of the factory not known. Total volume and value was estimated at 2400 litres @ Rs.   12,00,000/-.
On 4.4.2024, N. Vanlaiphai PS staff found an illegal factory of LML at the jungle near Lungkawlh village. The fermented rice found in two locally made barrel was 200 litres @ ₹ 70,000/-. The owner of the factory fled and was not ascertained. The contraband item was destroyed at the spot.
Serchhip Police seized 80 litres of LML, 2600 litres of fermented rice and 36.16 grams of Heroin. 7 cases registered and 8 persons were arrested during the said period.

Champhai DEF
On 18.3.2024, Zokhawthar PS staff and 42 Assam Rifles, Zokhawthar post jointly conducted joint operation at Immigration check post, Zokhawthar and seized 2.393 kgs. of Heroin from the joint possessions of B. Liansanga (45) s/o Lalkamlova, Chanmari, Lunglei District and R.Malsawmthara (35) s/o STO R.Malsawma (L), Tuipui Village, Champhai District. The accused were arrested.
On 29.3.24, Hnahlan Police Beat post and 2nd Assam Rifles conducted joint operation at the outskirt of Diltlang and recovered suspected Ganja weighing 12.50 kgs from a jhum hut. The accused fled away to an unknown destination.
On 30.3.2024 @ 6:30 pm, Zokhawthar PS & Assam Rifles Zokhawthar post conducted joint operation at Thangkhup kai, near Tiau River and seized 1777 grams of Heroin. The accused fled away to an unknown destination towards Myanmar.
During this period, Champhai Police seized 5.095 kgs. of Heroin, 12.50 kgs. of Ganja, 26.469 kgs. of Methamphetamine, 66 litres of BEDC. 14 cases registered and 16 persons were arrested.

Khawzawl DEF:
In a special drive against drugs and liquor, on 25.3.2024, Khawzawl PS staff in close co-ordination with VDP Darngawn Veng detected LML factories in 4 different locations at Tuichang area and Bakhik Mual of Khawzawl to Champhai road, and seized about 1800 litres of fermented rice valued at Rs. 90000/- approximately in local rate. Other items seized during the joint operation are 6 nos. of Belpui (large aluminium vessel).
On 3.4.2024 @ around 2:00 PM, Khawzawl PS staff detected LML factory location at Phaisen Hnar, Khawzawl Vengthar at 2 kms from the main road and seized about 700 litres/kgs of fermented rice. Further action will be taken up to identify the factory owner.
During this period, Khawzawl Police seized 85 litres of LML, 2500 litres of fermented rice. 1 case registered and 1 person arrested.

Hnahthial DEF:

On dt. 19.3.2024, Hnahthial Police recovered 80 litres of LML (8 Nos. of polythene packs) v/o Rs.40000 from the illegal possession of Lalmuakimi (340 d/o Laltanpuia (L) of Chanmari, Hnahthial P/A Phunchawng. 
On 03.04.2024, Hnahthial Police recovered and seized 90 litres of LML packs in 9 nos. of Rambo Polythene (v/o ₹ 45,000/-) from the joint possession of F.Lalpianmawia S/o F. Lalfima of Chanmari Veng, Hnahthial, Zohmingliana S/o Lalhmingthanga of Peniel Veng, Hnahthial and Lalthansanga S/o J. Zosanga of Chanmari Veng, Hnahthial. 
During this period, Hnahthial Police seized 190 litres of LML. 3 cases registered and 3 persons were arrested.

Siaha DEF:
Siaha Police seized 22 litres of LML on three occasion and arrested 3 accused persons. The seized LML and arrested persons were handed over to Excise & Narcotics. 

Lawngtlai DEF:
Lawngtlai Police seized 10.585 kgs of Ganja from the possession of Aurpon Chakma (22) s/o Subhagya Chakma of Devasora North and request to take legal action. Hence, the case was registered and investigated into. Besides this, 147 litres of LML and handed over to Excise & Narcotics.

Saitual DEF:
On 16.03.2024, Saitual Police seized 100 litres of suspected LML v/o Rs.59,000/- from the possession of Lalengmawia (43) h/o Lalnuntlani of Ramhlun Complex, Aizawl. 
On 5.4.2024, a special drive against Liquor was conducted with support of VDP in outskirts Saitual town wherein a factory of LML was found and destroyed around 350Ltrs of Zu and the equipments were seized by the Saitual DEF.
On 6.4.2024 at 6:00am, Saitual PS party alongwith VDP, Rulchawm Keifang conducted checking of Liquour factory near Tuivawl river and found  20 bags of liquor which was being fermented and four sets of pot (approx. 700 Ltrs.) and it was destroyed there while equipments were seized.
On 20.3.24, Saitual Police recovered 10 soap cases of suspected Heroin weighing 130.74 from the joint possession of Lalramthara (26) s/o Lalmuanchhunga, Champhai Ruantlang and Lalpianfela (20) s/o Zorammuana (L), Champhai Kanan Veng. The accused were arrested.
During this period, Saitual Police seized 1110 litres of LML, 700 litres of fermented rice and 155.74 grams of Heroin. 5 cases registered and 8 persons were arrested.

Edited By: Krishna Medhi
Published On: Apr 10, 2024