Mizoram prepared for counting day of Lok Sabha elections

Mizoram prepared for counting day of Lok Sabha elections

Mizoram is all set for the counting day of the Lok Sabha elections. With detailed plans and security measures in place, officials are ready to ensure a smooth process.


The Deputy Commissioner of Aizawl district and the Returning Officer for the Mizoram Parliamentary Constituency Nazuk Kumar, on June 3, held a press conference at DC Conference Hall for the counting day plans and preparations.

Kumar stated that the ECI had deployed 16 Counting Observers for Mizoram, 5 for Aizawl District, 2 for Lunglei District and 1 each for the other nine districts of Mizoram. 

She said that the counting officials had their first training on May 14 and 15 with the training phase on May 29 and 30. Also, the second randomisation of counting officials was conducted on June 2, 2024 in the presence of counting observers with the counting officials randomised bases on assembly segments. The third randomisation will take place at June 4 at 5 am, in the presence of counting observers.

The Aizawl DC stated that there will be 10 counting centres in Aizawl all in the near vicinity of the strong rooms, with three tier security system. All the other counting centres in all the districts have been completed as per ECI's instruction, and each counting hall will comprise of AROs appointed to assist Observers and supervise counting process. 

Fire tender and medical teams will also be deployed at each counting centre.

Kumar said that unlike earlier elections, a separate counting hall has been designated for counting of Postal Ballots with 20 counting tables. She also stated that 2656 number of ETPBMS had been received till May 27, 2024 and 2107 number of Postal ballots received for the whole of Mizoram till date from PwDs, senior citizens and essential services voters.

Furthermore, Kumar added that the AROs in remaining 10 districts will submit results in respect of their Assembly segmets and the final result will be announced by the Returning Officer from DC Office Aizawl.

It is also worth mentioning that counting officials have been instructed to reach the counting centres by 6:30 am, and all expected to be seated in their respective tables by 7:30 am and the counting of EVMs will commence 
at 8 am. 

Media centres have also been established at all counting centres, and interview boots have also been prepared.

Edited By: Avantika
Published On: Jun 03, 2024