BJP Nagaland announces strategy for 2024 ULB elections

BJP Nagaland announces strategy for 2024 ULB elections

The BJP in Nagaland has revealed its candidate nomination strategy for the 2024 Municipal and Town Council Elections. The plan includes cooperation with the NDPP to avoid direct competition and bolster the PDA coalition.

Story highlights
  • BJP and NDPP to cooperate in candidate nominations for 2024 elections
  • BJP to field candidates in all wards of BJP-represented constituencies
  • Strategy aims to avoid direct competition and strengthen PDA coalition

In preparation for the 2024 Municipal and Town Council Elections, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Nagaland has laid out its candidate nomination strategy. The party has decided to field candidates across various wards within the state, with a specific focus on ensuring alignment and cooperation with its alliance partner, the Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP).

The BJP will nominate candidates in all wards of Municipal and Town Councils within the 12 Assembly Constituencies currently represented by BJP MLAs. This move is aimed at consolidating the party's influence and ensuring strong representation in areas where it already has a legislative foothold.

In a gesture of alliance cooperation, the BJP will not field candidates in Municipal and Town Council wards that fall under the 25 Assembly Constituencies represented by the NDPP, and the NDPP will reciprocate by not fielding candidates in wards within the BJP-represented constituencies. This mutual understanding is intended to avoid direct competition and strengthen the People's Democratic Alliance (PDA) coalition.

For the 23 Assembly Constituencies not represented by either the BJP or the NDPP, the BJP plans to field candidates in the Municipal and Town Council wards, ensuring a friendly contest. This approach aims to expand the party's reach and influence in new areas while maintaining a cooperative stance with the NDPP.

Wherever feasible, the BJP and the NDPP will work together to accommodate each other's candidates based on their winnability. This strategy is part of a broader effort to ensure the success of the PDA and enhance the alliance's overall electoral prospects.

The decision follows extensive consultations with the NDPP, reflecting a united front in the greater and common interest of the People's Democratic Alliance. The announcement was made by Benjamin Yepthomi, State President of BJP Nagaland, through an official party communication

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Published On: Jun 09, 2024