Coronavirus: Dimapur Cemetary Demands Death Certificate Highlighting Cause of Death before Burying Corpses

Coronavirus: Dimapur Cemetary Demands Death Certificate Highlighting Cause of Death before Burying Corpses

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Kohima, April 17, 2020:

Writing to the President of the Naga Council in Dimapur, The Lake View Colony Council has informed about its decisions to demand production of a death certificate and the disallowing of burial convoy in the Cemetary located at the Lake View Colony in the heart of the city. This, the colony council says is because of the "global pandemic raging on" (the coronavirus) and for the "protection and well being" of the citizens residing there.

The note, undersigned by the Chairman Tongzuk Pongen and Gaon Burah M.Shilu Jamir among others, says: "Death certificate are to be duly produced before the Lake View Colony Council highlighting the nature and causes of death before burial."

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Putting restrictions on the number of persons who can attend a burial, the note further states, "During burial ceremony vehicular convoy is not allowed except two vehicle and that two person will be allowed to attend it."

When pictures of mass graves being dug to bury coffiins started emerging from corona-ravaged New York city, we could perhaps have foreseen that we are heading towards a world where its inmates would be extra vigilant in disposing the dead.

The biggest example of a controversy related to burials in the Northeast can be traced to the recent tensions in Meghalaya over the death of its first coronavirus patient.

As the new coronavirus continues to claim thousands of lives across the world, the virus has now prompted suspicions and fear among the people. In this prevailing climate, burial of corpses seems to have become a major issue, with there being a general belief that corpses can disseminate the virus.

After his death, the doctor’s body was taken to the electric crematorium of Jhalupara, where the locals vehemently opposed his cremation. Would not allow 50 people to die for the sake of one, they said. 200-300 people then poured out onto the streets and opposed the crenation, fearing an outbreak of the virus in the overcrowded area. The situation got so out of hand that police personnel and high-ranking officials were deployed in the area to curb the protest.

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Over in Ri-Bhoi district, where the doctor owns a farmhouse, locals did not give “permission” to bury the body either. The village council held a meeting at the end of which it was “unanimously decided not to allow the burial of the body of Dr Sailo in Nongpoh, based on the following reasons: That the residents have panicked hearing the news, because the farmhouse is in between the village, that the doctor is not a permanent resident of Nongpoh and there has been no safety concerning such cases.”

The deceased was finally laid to rest at the Riatsamthiah Presbyterian Cemetery at Lawmali on April 16. Personnel wearing PPE kits could be seen carrying the remains of the deceased doctor in a coffin to be buried.

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Published On: Apr 17, 2020