Ex-Nagaland minister asks election body to warn campaigners against threats by MLAs

Ex-Nagaland minister asks election body to warn campaigners against threats by MLAs

Former Finance Minister of Nagaland, K Therie, has urged the State Election Commission to address intimidation and biased mindsets in the upcoming ULB elections. He highlighted the lack of basic amenities and criticised leaders for misusing public funds and power.


Former Finance Minister of Nagaland, K Therie, said that the State Election Commission must caution ULB election campaigners and the public against biased mindsets, alleging intimidation threats by MLAs aimed at depriving development and essential facilities.

“What more is there to deprive when people do not have basic amenities such as water, electricity, roads, drains, schools, and hospitals?” Therie questioned, further alleging that the critics buy water, generators, SUVs, send their children to other states and abroad and travel to the nation’s best hospitals or even abroad for treatment, at the expense of the public. 

“They do not want voters to elect capable leaders to work for the people,” he added.

Furthermore, the former Nagaland minister said that it is prudent for the members, especially the ruling members to define their responsibilities to self and act accordingly. 

Stating that the meaning of legislator signifies making laws for people's welfare, Therie said, “The Government is for the welfare of the people. It is wrong to be owned by a political party. The Constitution and laws apply to all citizens. Thus, it means that tax is levied upon all and so, the benefits of various schemes by the govt are for all. In a democracy, one may be elected by a party ticket based on the election manifesto. That manifesto is not for a particular party, it is for all the citizens. What is provided by the Constitution cannot be deprived to any bona fide citizen. Such insensible leaders attract legal action, the public should reject them in future in the interest of peace, justice, and equality.”

Therie further said that members must be informed about their limits and duties, statin, “Campaigns are turning ugly. Misuse of power and intimidation should be stopped.”

I appeal to the voters to do what is morally right for the people. Be sensible and make mature and appreciable decisions to elect capable leaders in the upcoming ULB election.

Edited By: Avantika
Published On: Jun 21, 2024