Janata Dal (United) granted 'arrow' symbol for Nagaland council elections

Janata Dal (United) granted 'arrow' symbol for Nagaland council elections

The State Election Commission has allocated the 'Arrow' symbol to Janata Dal (United) for the upcoming municipal and town council elections in Nagaland. This decision follows a formal application from the party's General Secretary.


The State Election Commission granted a concession in the allotment of the "Arrow" symbol to the Janata Dal (United) party, which is a registered but unrecognized political party in Nagaland, for the upcoming 2024 municipal/town council elections.

The decision was taken in pursuance of the State Election Commission's notification on adoption of political parties and allotment of symbols issued vide Notification No.SEC/MTC ELE-22/2023/67 dated 15th and 18th May 2024 read with para 2 (c) of the letter No.SEC/MTC ELE-22/2023/131 dated 29th May 2024 regarding concession for allotment of Symbols, and on the basis of the application NO.Ol/JDU/HO dated 31st May 2024 received from the General Secretary, JD (U).

Edited By: Avantika
Published On: Jun 07, 2024