Konyak Union makes several declarations on Mon killings. Read here

Konyak Union makes several declarations on Mon killings. Read here

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KOHIMA:  On the expiry of its 30 days ultimatum on January 10 in regards to the Oting incident, the all Konyak Summit held on January 14 had resolved/adopted the following resolution.

The Konyak summit had resolved for development of the Genocide Park on the site that was demanded by the Konyak CSOs and allotted by the District administration. Further all remains of 4th Dec 2021 incident at Oting Yatong shall be brought to Mon Town and shall be preserved at the proposed Genocide Park.

The all Konyak summit also resolved and extended its ultimatum period for another 10 days w.e.f 15th Jan 2022”. Failing which, The Konyaks, in accordance to the ENPO resolution dated 14th Dec 2021 shall be obligatory to abstain from all national events within its customary jurisdiction as endorsed upon by the ENPO.

In accordance to the Eastern Nagaland Peoples’ Organisation (ENPO) Resolution adopted in Longleng on 14th Dec 2022, the “Non- Cooperation” declared against the Indian Armed Forces shall stand in force until justice is delivered.

The Konyaks Once again reaffirm its stance/demands as submitted to His Excellency the President of India which clearly stated that “all Rank and files involved in massacring 14 innocent konyak Youths on 4th & 5th Dec 2021 must be prosecuted in the applicable civil court” and “justice taken report must be brought before the public domain”.

The summit had also resolved that all Designated Army camps within Mon district located within the civilian inhabited area must vacate/relocate their camps away from the civilian dominated area.

Special Investigation Team (SIT) and Army’s Court of Inquiry Certified report must be shared to the Konyak Union for perusal after necessary formalities is completed from both the parties.

The Summit also strongly endorses upon the demand of the Eastern Nagaland Students’ Federation’s (ENSF) in its memorandum submitted to the prime minister Narendra Modi on December 24.

The House also resolved and endorsed upon the Konyak CSOs to initiate for open table talk at the higher level for immediate justice and solution basing on its demand and its early regulations that is served on December 13.

The summit had also resolved to summit a memorandum to the State Government in this regard.

On 4 December 2021, a unit of 21st Para Special Forces, the special forces unit, killed six civilians near the Oting village of the Mon district in Nagaland, India. Eight more civilians and a soldier were killed in subsequent violence. The killings were widely condemned with many calling to repeal and revoke the Armed Forces Special Powers Act.

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