Unresolved Naga Politial issue is preventing progress: CM Neiphiu Rio

Unresolved Naga Politial issue is preventing progress: CM Neiphiu Rio

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The unresolved Naga political issue, according to Nagaland Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio, has hampered development and prevented the state from attracting investment. On Friday, the chief minister opened the Medziphema City Centre (MCC) and Community Centre in Medziphema.

Rio also called for unity among all stakeholders, particularly those currently involved in the peace process, citing the high cost of extortion and violence to society. He warned that revolution and wealth were incompatible because money corrupted revolutionaries.

Rio also asked Nagas to express their views on whether the Naga movement should be nonviolent or violent. Rio praised the Municipal Affairs Department (MAD) for constructing the new MCC and Community Centre in Medziphema, as well as the contractor for doing quality work.

He expressed his hope that the centres would help Medziphema grow and develop, and he promised that the State government would continue to help. Rio also bemoaned the fact that, despite the fact that the State government had built numerous such structures, many of them were not built properly and were rarely maintained with care. He stated that the quality of the work was determined by the department, contractor sincerity, and citizen vigilance.

Rio stated that if the local community fails to properly utilise or maintain the buildings that were built at great expense, it will be a huge waste. "This responsibility must be shared by leaders and citizens," he said.

Rio told the crowd that he had already sanctioned Rs 1 crore for road improvement in the Medziphema sub division and that he had promised an additional Rs 2.5 crore for road improvement in the town.

Zhaleo Rio, a local MLA and sericulture, excise, and minority affairs adviser, praised the chief minister for allocating funds for projects and thanked the MAD and contractor for successfully completing the construction of the two centres.

Zhaleo suggested that some rooms be made available to unions for free, and he urged the department to take action. He also suggested that local vendors be allowed to sell their products outside the centre. He also brought up various issues in the constituency before the chief minister, such as bad roads and a lack of water.

Dr Neikiesalie Nicky Kire, Urban Development & Municipal Affairs adviser, gave a short speech outlining various departmental activities. He stated that the centre would benefit people from all walks of life. He stated that arrangements for room allocation and the types of businesses to be established would need to be made.

He urged the public to make proper use of the structure and to maintain it.

Municipal Affairs joint secretary T Nchumbemo Odyuo presided over the event, which included a dedicatory prayer from BC'A'MT pastor Rev Zhabu Terhuja and an invocation from KBCM pastor Janggin Haokip.

Medziphema village chairman Metsilhukho Kuotsu and president MTMK, Akhotuo Kuotsu, both gave short speeches, and Municipal Affairs executive engineer Theruovituo Pienyü read out the technical report.

Medziphema Village BKK sang a praise song, and Medziphema Area CRC Youth performed a special song, while additional director of Municipal Affairs A Chenithung Lotha delivered the vote of thanks.

The event was attended by PHE Minister Jacob Zhimomi, MLA Azheto Zhimomi, and a number of senior officials and community leaders.


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Published On: May 07, 2022