Nagaland: Dimapur Police alert public about cash snatching syndicate in state

Nagaland: Dimapur Police alert public about cash snatching syndicate in state

Dimapur Police have issued a public alert regarding a cash snatching syndicate operating in Nagaland. The syndicate reportedly targets vulnerable individuals in banks, snatching cash post withdrawal.


The Office of the Commissioner of Police, Dimapur said that numerous reports from police stations across Commissionerate Districts of Dimapur have highlighted a surge in complaints regarding money snatching gangs operating within Dimapur and neighboring states. 

Investigation into such frequently reported cases has unraveled the modus operandi of this currency snaffle syndicate; details of which are hereby issued in the interest of public safety.

In a press release, the authorities informed that one or two gang members go inside the banks posing as customers and scan for potential victim. Attention is zeroed down to lone, elderly, vulnerable customers making withdrawals. Selected target is shadowed and information passed on to gang members deployed outside the bank.

Meanwhile, once cash withdrawal is completed and customer leaves the bank, outside gang members are signaled and alerted. Distraction and attention diversion of target costumer is executed by secretly spraying coloring /itchy chemicals, or deliberately dropping of cash notes/wallets and informing the victim that their clothing is stained/personal belongings dropped.

When the target is temporarily distracted by such attention diversion techniques employed, another gang member quietly snatches the cash or personal belongings and disappears. 

Initial Investigation has indicated that these are inter-state gangs mostly based at neighboring districts of Assam. All available CCTV footages have been examined and effort is on to identify the persons involved. 

In this regard, however, the Office of the Commissioner of Police, Dimapur also released captured images of the suspects to the media. 

The Dimapur Police has called people for any information on the identity, among other details of suspects in the interest of investigation. They also cautioned people to be aware of the prevalence of such scams, take utmost precaution and stay guarded against any such attempt from such gangs during financial transaction/transportation.

Edited By: Avantika
Published On: May 10, 2024