Nagaland Legislative Assembly resolves to demand the Centre to repeal 'AFSPA'

Nagaland Legislative Assembly resolves to demand the Centre to repeal 'AFSPA'

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KOHIMA: The Nagaland Legislative Assembly unanimously resolved to demand that the Government of India repeal the Armed Forces Special Powers Act 1958 from the North East and specifically from Nagaland, so as to strengthen the ongoing efforts to find a peaceful political settlement to the Naga political issue during the 10th session of the Thirteenth Nagaland Legislative assembly:

The Nagaland Legislative Assembly further condemned the massacre that took place in Oting-Tiru Village area in Mon District on 4th December 2021 in the "indiscriminate firing by the 21 Para Special Forces of the Indian Army in which 13 innocent people were killed. followed by killing of one innocent person by security forces at Mon town on 5 December 2021 and injuring of 35 persons during the incidents."

The House called for an apology from the appropriate authority, along with an assurance that justice will be delivered by applying the laws of the land upon those who perpetrated the inhuman massacre and upon those who we responsible for the incident.

The House also appeals to the citizens of Mon district, its civil societies. the citizens of the State and mass based organisations to extend cooperation to the Government and its agencies in its collective efforts to demand justice, and to restore normalcy in the interest of all the citizens.

While appreciating and supporting citizens and civil society organizations in their demand for repealing of AFSPA and delivery of justice, the House appealed to all sections to follow democratic norms and non-violence a our collective endeavour towards realisation of peace and delivery of justice.

It needs mention here that members of the Nagaland Legislative Assembly cutting across party lines today unanimously condemned the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) 1958 as not only against the constitution of the country but the very foundation of any democratic nation.

The House also appealed to the negotiating parties of the Indo-Naga political dialogue to bring the talks to its logical conclusion by reaching a settlement that is honourable and inclusive at the earliest.

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Published On: Dec 21, 2021