Nagaland: NDPP celebrates 8th foundation day, lauds BJP for support

Nagaland: NDPP celebrates 8th foundation day, lauds BJP for support

The Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) celebrated its 8th Foundation Day with President Chingwang Konyak expressing gratitude towards the people of Nagaland. The party has achieved significant victories in elections, credited to the support of the people and dedication of party members.


President of the Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP), Chingwang Konyak greeted the people of Nagaland on the occasion of the 8th Foundation Day of the party.

In a press release, Konyak said, “I, on behalf of all the party men and women, bring greetings to the people of Nagaland. Having been founded on the 17th of May 2017 with the principles and motto of "Facta non Verba", Deeds not Words, the NDPP as a political party has come a long way in the short eight years of our existence and for this we continue to give all praise, glory and honor to God almighty for having brought us thus far.”

He informed that the NDPP was established in consonance with the desires of the people of the state to have a change from the existing political parties, with regards to which the decision to start a new political party, regional identity with a global outlook has been made. “The journey from our inception till today has been challenging, yet we have prevailed because of the dedication and hard work of all the party men and women who have stood steadfast with the leadership in ensuring that the Party achieves our goals and targets. The success of the NDPP will also not have been possible without the resounding support and confidence reposed on us by the people of the State and for this we remain ever grateful and indebted to each and every citizen of Nagaland for their unwavering support and help,” he added.

In the circular, the NDPP President also stated that the state, in the last eight years, has witnessed two general elections (2018&2023), and bye-elections to the NLA where it witnessed uncontested victory for NDPP in few of the seats, as well as the bye-election to the 1 Nagaland parliamentary constituency (2018) and two Lok Sabha elections (2019&2024). “In all these, despite being a new and untested political party, the NDPP has managed to overcome all odds and emerged victorious with results for the 18th Lok Sabha 2024 yet to be announced. The success of the Party can only be attributed to God and the dedicated, loyal and concerted efforts and sacrifices of the entire rank and file of the NDPP collectively.”

Furthermore, he appreciated the support and commitment of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) towards the NDPP. 

“I also take this opportunity to put on record my gratitude to all the party men and women as well as the Hon'ble Chief Minister and the members of the NDPP Parliamentary Board for their unwavering support to my leadership as the President of the NDPP as well as for their fastidious contributions towards ensuring that the Party continues to deliver to the people our promises of change with the principles of transparence, accountability, meritocracy and good governance.”

He ascertained that there are still many challenges and goals to be achieved in order for the party to deliver on commitments to the people of the state, adding, “I humbly request all the citizens of Nagaland to continue their support of the NDPP and the Government and work unitedly in taking Nagaland - Towards a State of Excellence!”

Edited By: Avantika
Published On: May 17, 2024