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At the onset of PDA Government formation, Mr. Neiphiu Rio, as the leader of the 13th NLA had made a tall proclamation that PDA led NDPP/BJP government will completely shun all VIP cultures and said, " Chief Guest culture shall no longer be a part of PDA Government ", adding that the government will enforce strict austerity measures on grounds that it is draining the state Exchequer.

For once, the public were taken for a joy ride and heaved a deep sigh of relief at the tall promises that Rio's govt promised to deliver to the people of Nagaland.

Nevertheless, everyone was taken aback as there were many instances of the PDA Govt. backtracking on their earlier commitments, but the latest one to hit the stand was the CM himself becoming the torch bearer of breaking his 'No more Chief Guest culture' that set the ball rolling, where the CM himself had become an epitome of funny caricature contradicting his own promise by launching a Livestock Program at Legacy Complex in Kohima as the Chief Guest on 5th June 2018.

Also, the rampant appointment spree of the PDA govt inducting its party workers and their near and dear ones into top positions in various govt undertakings, breaking all official norms, and creating an unhealthy precedence had drawn flak condemnation from all educated men and women in the state. The Nagaland Law Students' Federation had, in their representation to the PDA govt stated in their press release that the ambiguous decision of appointing mere party workers to the ranks of Secretary, Joint secretary and Commissioner had demeaned the competitive spirits of the students' fraternity as this trend initiated by the present govt had instilled a sense that one need not study much for upcoming competitive exams, but rather become a party worker and get through to any high-profile position without having to sit for NPSC or UPSC exams ever again. This kind of unhealthy precedence that the present day govt had embarked upon to accommodate their party workers in various govt set up had deeply hurt the sentiments of the hard working and genuine students, which will have serious ramifications in the future as people will start opting for alternative route and unfair means, instead of having the zeal to succeed in life through hard work and dignity of labour.

Is this the promise of the infamous slogan "Change is coming, change is here, NDPP and BJP together will bring the change " as a prelude song, sung by their youth choir as the PDA Govt opening song.

The much-anticipated change had become a mockery to the people of the state as the ruling govt had set a negative course in reversed mode to disband the trust of the people which is a huge disappointment indeed, as the duly elected members were pushed down below the belt and mere party workers were uplifted to the rank of Cabinet and Minister of State status which ultimately indicated that MLAs elected through Parliamentary Procedures had lost its meaning and honor.

The people stands amazed at what more to expect from this govt which promises the moon and yet delivers ashes to the people. Also, another topmost issue that the NPF had posed to the PDA govt was the Naga Political issue that had been knocking heavily on their doors. Refreshing the declaration made by Mr. Acharya, the Governor of the state, promising to bring the final Naga Solution within six months, the NPF would like to point out that four months had already passed without a flutter. Moreover, the 6 NNPGs recently threatening to pull out from the negotiation table has added a big blow to the Naga political solution issue, and unless the Government of the day act serious for once and bring on board  the other factions for an inclusive and honorable “Final Naga Solution”, situation may go haywire where the entire Naga populace may be heading for troubled times.