Nagaland: RN Ravi’s misinterpretation of framework agreement delays solution process, says NSCN

Nagaland: RN Ravi’s misinterpretation of framework agreement delays solution process, says NSCN

Governor RN Ravi Governor RN Ravi

The Government of the People’s Republic of Nagalim (GPRN), Nagaland has accused the interlocutor of the peace talk process between the organizations and the Centre RN Ravi of misinterpreting the framework agreement which consequently has delayed the process for the solution.

“Ravi craftily deleted the word “new” from the original to justify his own narrative and circulated to the 14 tribe leaders, NNPGs, NTC and Nagaland GB Federation. These people are simply carried away by his manoeurable talkings and made to believe him and portrayed the NSCN on the wrong side. Today, this misplaced interpretation of “it will provide for an enduring inclusive new relationship of peaceful co-existence of the two entities” has become the point of conflict that delayed the process for solution,” the GPRN stated in a press communique.

It further said that it is a matter of indignation for the Naga people when Ravi went for the perversity as he insulted the NSCN negotiating team using un-parliamentary language in the official talk stating “this can be understood even by Class VII students that it means acceptance of the Indian Constitution”.

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“The worst official talk took place on 30th January, 2020 at Chumukedima, Nagaland. On the competency that we have submitted he straight away told the NSCN negotiating team that we must have submitted the competency by mistake. He added that it is a stupid and contaminated paper and A to Z he cannot accept unless we rewrite the competency. There would not be any further talk if we do not rewrite and submit the competency he concluded,” the communique stated.

Earlier, Ravi had given October 31st, 2019 as the deadline to the NSCN to sign the Naga agreement. “Earlier to this in his diatribe against NSCN he said NSCN has ‘mischievously’ dragged the Framework Agreement and began imputing imaginary contents into it,” the NSCN alleged.

The group also accused Ravi of taking unilateral decision to deviate from what was started by the pioneers of the 2nd Indo-Naga Ceasefire that has taken the peace process this far. “From nowhere Ravi created NNPGs as third party/force against the bilateral talk of the GoI and the NSCN. Ravi used to harp on that issue is one, so there will be one solution. But he signed separate agreement with NNPGs and later used this group to counterweigh the NSCN,” the NSCN added.

Besides, while questioning Ravi’s credibility, the NSCN said, “What has driven Ravi to go for the unthinkable after more than 23 years of fruitful negotiations is now the focusing point of talk in every hearth and street corners. How could Ravi arrogated to himself the power to change the rules/contents of the agreement arbitrarily? Where is his credibility now? His domineering approach has come to destroy the spirit of gentlemen’s negotiation.”

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Published On: Aug 12, 2020