Nagaland's Khonoma Declared a ‘Green Practice Village'

Nagaland's Khonoma Declared a ‘Green Practice Village'

Khonoma Khonoma

Khonoma, June 8, 2019:

The Khonoma Students’ Union (KSU) organized a program on June 5 where Khonoma village of Nagaland was declared as a Green Practice Village. The green practice in the village is a product of the Green Village initiation in continuation and redressal of the same goals.

This is a product where on April 22, this year, KSU held a talk with 15 village organizations to discuss ways on beautification and to maintain ‘green’ environment in the village. It was decided to ban some of the most used plastic in picnic and gatherings as well during shopping such as plastic carry bags, packaged drinking water bottles, and Styrofoam cups and plates.

The programe was conducted in the presence of Shri Kovi Meyase, CEO, Kohima Smart City Development Ltd & Administrator, KMC as the special guest. Speaking on the occasion he recalled how the village was recognized by the government in 2005 for its conservation efforts, notably the Khonoma Nature Conservation & Tragopan Sanctuary (KNCTS) and was termed as the first Green Village in Asia.

Meyase maintained that Khonoma has had a rich history and that the trend to continue to be at harmony with nature, is praiseworthy and called upon the village to strive hard in its endeavor so that it can set an example for the neighboring villages as well.

Meyase expressed his hope that the ‘green practice’ is there to complement the already existing protection of flora and fauna. He maintained that it is his hope that the initiative is one where the youngsters are now ready to carry on the task laid by their forefathers in establishing the village for protection of its resources. He called upon all the various organizations to contribute towards the initiative to make it a reality.

Since the Green Village project started in 2005, the students are responsible for cleaning the village once in every month, and though the students are able to clean within the village, ‘cleaning campaigns’ outside the periphery of the village becomes difficult due to lack of financial aids. However, with the ‘green practice’ the students’ union tries to cover up the whole Khonoma jurisdiction.

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Published On: Jun 08, 2019