Outrage in Nagaland after school principal accused of molesting 4-yr-old granted bail

Outrage in Nagaland after school principal accused of molesting 4-yr-old granted bail

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DIMAPUR: A 4-year-old child was reportedly molested in the Euro international school located at Midland, Dimapur. The principal of the school was arrested on April 7 on charges of molesting the child.

He was in judicial custody since April 8 and out on interim bail on May 31. Initially, the court had fixed the hearing of the case on May 7 but deferred it due to the COVID-19.

The granting of bail to the accused seems to have triggered outrage among local student bodies

Dimapur Sumi Students Union expressed "shock" and "resentment" at the release on bail of the culprit of child molester who is a Principal of a reputed School in Dimapur.

It has been reported that the culprit was given bail based on the medical certificate (dating back to 2013/14) furnished before the Court.

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In a press statement. President Vitopu Ayemi and General Secretary Vitoka N Rochill questioned the concerned authority as to with what conscience such a child molester was given bail and released from jail.

The DSSU also questioned the validity of the medical certificate furnished by the culprit, which dates back to 2013/14.

"The release of the culprit on bail was an insult to the child victim who is a 4 years old girl, and is against the very principles of the Juvenile Justice Act 2015 and POCSO ACT 2019," the DSSU stated, adding, "It also states that the release of the culprit will have serious psychological implications on the child victim in her life."

The student body further pointed out that since this incident falls under the purview of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (Amendment) Bill, 2019 and that it is a non-bailable offence under section 12 of the Act.

DSSU wondered as to why the culprit was released on bail even as the case falls under the purview of the POCSO ACT.

It further stated that, justice has already been denied and that the judgement to release the culprit on bail has added "salt to the wound" of the child victim, her parents and families.

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Published On: Jun 01, 2021