Panic among NIT-Nagaland students after clashes

Panic among NIT-Nagaland students after clashes

Nagaland Nagaland

Guwahati, October 9, 2018:

The non-local students of the National Institute of Technology-Nagaland, located in the state’s Chumukedima area in Dimapur district, have gone on the warpath demanding the deployment of a central security force for their security.

What triggered the panic were some clashes between local and non-local students. The authorities took action against some erring local students but that failed to keep the non-local students in a good humour. They have threatened to leave the campus if the central security force is not deployed urgently.

Talking to InsideNe, a non-local student alleged that the students from outside Nagaland were subjected to assault and humiliation for a long time by the local students.

“For a while, there has been a conflict between local and non-local students. There were three major clashes between both sides in recent months. The local students often abuse and threaten us saying they are locals. We fear a threat to our lives and we believe we will be safe only if a central security force is deployed to the campus,” he said.

The institute’s director Dr. S Venugopal said action against ten students, who were involved in a “small fight” on Friday, had been taken. He said it would be difficult to instantly realize the (non-local) students’ demand as the deployment of personnel of a central security force entailed various ministries and the government of Nagaland.

“We are urging the students not to leave. To ensure their security, the staff members are spending time at all the hostels even at night. Things are under control,” he claimed.