Road clearance underway amid heavy rainfall in Nagaland, travel advisory issued

Road clearance underway amid heavy rainfall in Nagaland, travel advisory issued

The Commissioner of Police, Dimapur, has advised against night travel between Dimapur and Kohima due to severe weather conditions. Efforts are ongoing to clear road blockages caused by landslides in Wokha District.

Story highlights
  • Travel advisory issued for Dimapur-Piphema-Kohima route due to heavy rain and thunderstorms
  • Major road blockage in Wokha District cleared by Road Maintenance Party
  • Authorities are monitoring the situation to ensure traveler safety and convenience

In light of the ongoing heavy rainfall and thunderstorms affecting Kohima District, the Commissioner of Police, Dimapur, has issued a travel advisory for public safety. Travelers are advised to avoid commuting between Dimapur and Piphema - Kohima during night hours until further notice. The advisory aims to prevent accidents and ensure the safety of commuters amidst the adverse weather conditions.

In related news, a major road blockage caused by persistent landslides at Sanis Subdivision in Wokha District was cleared by the Road Maintenance Party on 29 May 2024. The landslide, which affected an area approximately 1km from Sanis Zero Point towards Baghty town, had initially been cleared the previous day. However, fresh landslides during the night caused the road to be blocked again, stranding public commuters and halting transportation activities within local areas, other districts, and states.

To address the situation, 2 JCBs were deployed from both sides of Sanis and Baghty to clear the blockage despite the ongoing rain. The road clearance efforts helped to restore the flow of traffic, providing much-needed relief to the stranded commuters.

The priority now is to clear the road swiftly and efficiently to resume normal transportation activities. Authorities are closely monitoring the situation and taking all necessary steps to ensure the safety and convenience of travelers while also minimizing disruptions caused by adverse weather conditions.

Edited By: sanchayaita roy
Published On: May 29, 2024