34 CRPF women commandos inducted to CoBRA unit

34 CRPF women commandos inducted to CoBRA unit

34 CRPF women commandos inducted to CoBRA unit

34 CRPF women personeel joined CoBRA 34 CRPF women personeel joined CoBRA

NEW DELHI: As many as 34 Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) women personnel have for the first time joined its elite Commando Battalion for Resolute Action (CoBRA) unit on Saturday, which was formed in 2009 and is deployed primarily in states affected by Left-wing extremism.


The 34 women personnel from the 6 Mahila Battalions of CRPF were inducted to the elite CoBRA wing on the occasion of 35th Raising Day of the 88th Mahila Battalion.

CRPF director general AP Maheshwari said the force has a history of empowering women warriors, “who not only brought laurels to the force but also made the nation proud in many UN peace keeping missions through conspicuous gallantry both at home in India and abroad.


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“Gender neutrality leads to the diversity of the force empowered women make an empowered family that eventually empowers the nation," he added.

This was CRPF’s another step towards women’s empowerment by integrating women commandos on the celebrations of the 88th all-women battalion, stated a release from CRPF.

All 34 women will undergo intensive CoBRA pre-induction training for three months.


By offering next-level instruction in firing and special weapons, tactical planning, fieldcraft, jungle survival skills, explosives, etc the training will improve their physical abilities and tactical acumen. Once they complete their training, they will be posted in Left-wing extremism hit areas.


In order to learn the requisite musical instrument skills, Mahila CRPF staff forming the first all-women brass band will also undergo a training course.


Seven personnel of the 88 Mahila battalion who are recipients of many gallantry medals including the highest peacetime gallantry award Ashok Chakra have made sacrifices while performing their duties.

Currently, there are around 12,000 personnel in CoBRA, the unit which was raised for guerrilla warfare.