Amit Shah slams 'Rahul baba', 'Mamata didi', says “Pak-occupied Kashmir is ours and we will take it back”

Amit Shah slams 'Rahul baba', 'Mamata didi', says “Pak-occupied Kashmir is ours and we will take it back”

Union Home Minister, Amit Shah, at a political rally in Howrah, assures BJP's resolve to reclaim Pakistan-Occupied Jammu Kashmir. He criticises opposition leaders for their fear and highlights the transformation in the Indian side of Kashmir under PM Modi's leadership.


Union Home Minister Amit Shah asserted that the Bharatiya Janata Party-led (BJP) government is committed to taking back Pakistan-Occupied Jammu Kashmir.

Addressing a political campaign at West Bengal's Howrah, Shah said that the BJP will not be deterred by Pakistan.

"Isn't Pak-occupied Kashmir ours? Mani Shankar Aiyar and Farooq Abdullah used to scare us by saying that Pakistan has an atom bomb so we should not speak about Pak-occupied Kashmir. Rahul baba, Mamata didi, no matter how scared you are, Pak-occupied Kashmir is ours and we will take it back," Shah said on Wednesday.

Citing the contrasting differences between the Indian side of Kashmir and the Pakistan-occupied Jammu Kashmir, Shah said, "Earlier people used to stage protests in our part of Kashmir. Now under PM Modi's influence, there are no hartals observed in the Indian part of Kashmir, but in Pak-occupied Kashmir. Earlier slogans demanding independence were shouted here. Now they are shouted in Pak-occupied Kashmir. Earlier stones were pelted here, now they are pelted there."

On the increase in tourism activity in the Union Territory, the Home Minister said, "Two crore tourists came to Kashmir and created a new record and Pak-occupied Kashmir created a record in rate of selling wheat to the people."

Speaking about the abrogation of Article 370, Shah said, "Mamata didi, Congress, the syndicate used to ask us not to remove Article 370. When I asked them in Parliament they said that rivers of blood will flow. This is PM Modi's government. After five years, let alone rivers of blood no one even dared to light a fire."

"Prime Minister Narendra Modi abrogated Article 370 and integrated Kashmir into the rest of India," he added.
Violent protests and a shutter-down strikes engulfed the Pakistan-occupied Jammu Kashmir (PoJK) for 4 days, which came to a halt following Islamabad's announcement of an immediate grant of PKR 23 billion to address demands for fair electricity pricing and subsidised wheat flour.

PM Shehbaz, on May 13 announced a Rs 23 billion subsidy package for the AJK during a high-level meeting convened about the turmoil in the valley.

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Published On: May 15, 2024