Assam woman ‘hypnotised’ and robed in Delhi

Assam woman ‘hypnotised’ and robed in Delhi

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Guwahati, November 11, 2018:

A woman from Assam, Barkha Hazarika settled in Delhi, was allegedly “hypnotised” and robed of over Rs.4,000 by a conman on Saturday.

Hazarika, working with a media division of an NGO in Delhi, alleged that a man, apparently Sikh, took her to a nearby ATM and made her pay Rs.4000 and then dropped her home.

According to her, the man came to her house claiming he was collecting money for a religious fest. He warned her that her mother, who lives in Assam, would die within a fortnight if she did not give him the money.

She alleged that as she gave him Rs.200 and asked him to keep Rs.50 and return the change, he kept all the money. He then made her give him another Rs.900. The man also told her to perform a ‘paath’ (special prayer) for her mother’s safety and asked her for a piece of paper.

Hazarika further added, shortly after, she went into a trance and did not know what she was doing. She lost her senses and followed his instructions. He then took her to a nearby ATM kiosk where she withdrew Rs.3,100 and gave it to him.

After she was dropped at home, she realised what happened but before she could catch him, the man disappeared. Later, she approached the police and filed an FIR.

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Published On: Nov 11, 2018