Aunty goes viral for saying girl wearing short dress should be raped

Aunty goes viral for saying girl wearing short dress should be raped

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Guwahati, May 1, 2019:

Rape is one of the most reprehensible crimes that has plagued our country like the Black Death. From the incident like the 'Nirbhaya rape case' to the recent incident of the gang-rape in Biswanath Chariali of Assam, rape continues to be a serious issue in our nation.

But this time, a middle-aged Delhi woman has been accused of making light of the heinous crime and abusing young girls for wearing a short dress in a restaurant. It has been reported that she even asked the men at the place to rape the girls.

A 10-minute long video has been posted by user Shivani Gupta on Facebook which features the woman who had allegedly harassed the girls for wearing a short dress and allegedly invited several men to rape them.

The young girls followed the lady to a shopping center and confronted her for making such remarks. The girls asked her to apologize for her passing such comments being a woman.

In the video, the girls continuously asked her to apologize for her comments threatening the woman to make it viral on social media but she didn't bend the knee.

Seeing the argument, another lady claiming to be the mother of two daughters confronted the lady who had made the comments. Despite severe quarrel between the young girls and the other lady with the woman, she did not agree to apologize rather she warned to call the police

Amidst the huge quarrel between the ladies, the shop salespersons stood clueless as both the parties asked them to call the police. Looking at the women demanding an apology from the aunty, another middle-aged woman stepped in to support the young girls.

Towards the end of the video, the woman on camera said, "These girls wear short dresses to encourage all to see them. All ladies who wear short or naked dress should get raped."

The woman further adviced the girls’ parents to control them and also asked the ladies to spread the video all over India as people need to know her views.

One of the girls, Shivani Gupta posted, “Hey guys. Today my friends and I were harassed by a woman at a restaurant for me wearing a short dress. This middle-aged woman you’ll see in the video addressed seven men at the restaurant to rape us because she felt we deserved it for wearing short clothes and bashing her unsolicited opinion. For speaking up against her primitive mindset. Our instinct was (to) turn away from the drama but supported by our colleagues, we took her on at a shopping center, nearby. We gave her the chance to apologize, to no avail, of course. Nothing moved the needle for her, not even another woman who learned the story on the spot and implored the ghastly woman to apologize. See for yourself. And share.”

Meanwhile, photos of the Delhi aunty wearing a short-length dress herself has surfaced on social media. Hypocrisy much, Aunty ji?