CAA, meant to protect humanity but turned into a villain by opposition: Claims PM Modi

CAA, meant to protect humanity but turned into a villain by opposition: Claims PM Modi

Addressing a crowd in West Bengal, PM Modi criticized the TMC government and assured the people of uninterrupted implementation of CAA. He accused the opposition parties of spreading lies about the law.

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  • PM Modi criticises TMC government in West Bengal
  • Assures uninterrupted implementation of CAA in the state
  • Accuses opposition parties of spreading lies about the law

Addressing a crowd in West Bengal today, PM Modi criticized the TMC government, alleging infiltrators thrived under Mamata Banerjee's rule. He assured the people that no one can hinder the implementation of CAA in West Bengal, emphasizing that the law is aimed at providing citizenship, not taking it away.

The Prime Minister accused the opposition of making CAA a "villain" and misrepresenting its purpose. He defended CAA as a law to grant citizenship to persecuted individuals, highlighting that it does not revoke anyone's citizenship. 

“CAA is a law that is made to protect humanity, yet is turned into a villain. CAA is the law to give citizenship to the victims, from this law, nobody's citizenship will be snatched away. But still, parties like Congress and TMC have painted this law with the colors of their lies. These people are protesting against the rights of those victims of partition. They are planning to destroy CAA”, quoted PM Modi.

PM Modi's guarantees to the people of West Bengal included assurances that reservations based on religion would not be given, the rights of SC, ST, and OBC communities would remain untouched, celebrations of religious festivals like Ram Navami would be protected, and the Supreme Court's judgment on the Ram Mandir would not be overturned.

He also criticized the TMC government for the deteriorating law and order situation in the state, especially during religious occasions, where violent incidents have been reported. He expressed concern over the difficulty faced by common citizens in practicing their faith in Bengal.

Highlighting incidents like the Sandeshkhali violence, PM Modi condemned the TMC's alleged protection of wrongdoers and urged the people not to fear the ruling party's intimidation tactics.

Referring to corruption allegations against TMC leaders, PM Modi pledged to hold corrupt individuals accountable and promised that extorted money would be returned to the people through lawful means.

The upcoming fourth phase of voting in West Bengal, scheduled for May 13, will see elections for eight Lok Sabha seats. The state's political landscape has seen significant shifts since the 2014 and 2019 Lok Sabha elections, with the BJP making substantial gains against the TMC. The Prime Minister's rally marked a crucial moment in the ongoing electoral battle in the state.

Edited By: sanchayaita roy
Published On: May 12, 2024