Calcutta High Court disapproves OBC certificates issued in Bengal after 2010

Calcutta High Court disapproves OBC certificates issued in Bengal after 2010

Calcutta High Court has nullified post-2010 Other Backward Classes certificates in West Bengal, aligning with the new 1993 Act for a fresh backward classes list. Pre-2010 listings remain unaffected, ensuring continuity for current OBC job holders.

Story highlights
  • Calcutta High Court invalidates post-2010 OBC certificates in West Bengal under the new Act of 1993.
  • Individuals listed before 2010 to retain OBC status; post-2010 certificates deemed invalid.
  • Job holders under OBC quota unaffected; benefits continue without employment impact.

The Calcutta High Court has disapproved all Other Backward Classes (OBC) certificates issued in West Bengal after the year 2010. This decision has been made under the new Act of 1993, which mandates the preparation of a fresh list of backward classes by the West Bengal Backward Classes Commission.

The court clarified that individuals who were included in the OBC list before 2010 will retain their status. However, those who received OBC certificates after 2010 will no longer be considered under the OBC category. This ruling does not affect individuals who currently hold jobs under the OBC quota or are in the process of securing such positions; they will continue to enjoy the benefits of the quota system without any impact on their employment status.

The cancellation of OBC certificates issued post-2010 is part of the state's efforts to ensure compliance with the updated legislation and to streamline the process of categorizing backward classes in line with the legal framework. The responsibility of preparing the new list falls upon the West Bengal Backward Classes Commission, which is expected to undertake this task.

Edited By: sanchayaita roy
Published On: May 22, 2024