Chetan Bhagat apologizes for misconduct

Chetan Bhagat apologizes for misconduct

chetan bhagat chetan bhagat

Guwahati, October 7, 2018:

As India’s #Me Too Movement is on its way to unveil many prominent faces, starting from filmmaker Vikas Bahl to former AIB employee Utsav Chakraborty, one more name is added to the list.

Leading author and columnist Chetan Bhagat on Saturday was allegedly accused of sexual harassment after several screenshots of his conversation with an unnamed woman went viral on Twitter.

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Two screenshots posted on Twitter say, Bhagat was trying to "woo" the woman since she's "sweet and cute and funny and a nice human being".

In response, Bhagat issued an apology on Facebook confirming that the screenshots were genuine. He said he was going through a phase and that he “misread” the friendliness.

He added, “These screenshots are several years old, and I had met the person in question a couple of times. We hit it off really well as a friendship, and as I say in the screenshots, I did feel a strong connection with her. I did find her a good human being, sweet, cute and funny (as I also say in the screenshots).”

Bhagat clarified that there was nothing physical between them, no lewd pictures or words ever exchanged. He further added that the apology was issued after he had consulted with his wife Anusha.