Cyclone Remal leaves 2 dead in Bengal, heavy rain to persist

Cyclone Remal leaves 2 dead in Bengal, heavy rain to persist

Cyclone Remal has caused two deaths in West Bengal and continuous heavy rain is expected. The cyclone also affected Bangladesh with wind speeds reaching up to 135 km per hour.

Story highlights
  • Cyclone Remal causes 2 deaths in West Bengal
  • Heavy rain and strong winds continue to affect the region
  • Fatal incidents occurred in Kolkata and Mousuni Island

Cyclone Remal has wreaked havoc in West Bengal and its coastal areas, resulting in the deaths of at least 2 people and causing significant damage to infrastructure and property. Officials reported that the cyclone, which also impacted neighboring Bangladesh, brought wind speeds of up to 135 km per hour.

On Sunday evening, a man in the Bibir Bagan area of Entally in Central Kolkata died when a wall collapsed due to the relentless downpour. According to a state disaster management official, the continuous heavy rain contributed to the structural failure.

In a separate incident on Monday morning, an elderly woman on Mousuni Island near Namkhana, adjacent to the Sunderbans delta, died after a tree collapsed onto her hut. The impact caused the roof to cave in, resulting in fatal injuries.

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Published On: May 27, 2024