Delhi hits record peak power demand of 8,000 MW

Delhi hits record peak power demand of 8,000 MW

Delhi's peak power demand hit an unprecedented 8000 MW at 3:42 pm, marking a historic high and emphasizing the city's increasing energy requirements. This surge surpassed the previous day's record, showcasing the critical need for robust power infrastructure and management in the national capital.

Story highlights
  • Delhi hits highest-ever peak power demand at 8000 MW, breaking previous records.
  • Demand surges to 7726 MW just hours after reaching 7717 MW, indicating escalating energy needs.
  • Rising temperatures and urban development contribute to increased power consumption in the capital.

Delhi witnessed its highest-ever peak power demand at 3:42 pm today, soaring to 8000 MW. According to the Delhi Electricity Distribution Company Limited (DISCOM), it is the highest-ever power demand in the history of the national capital. This new record surpassed the previous high set just a day earlier, pointing towards the energy needs of the national capital. 

A senior official from the DISCOM provided insights into the escalating demand scenario. "Yesterday afternoon, the demand peaked at a historic high of 7717 MW, marking a significant milestone. However, this record was short-lived as just hours later, at 23:01, the demand surged even further to 7726 MW, breaking the record once again," stated the official.

The surge in demand comes amidst various factors contributing to increased power consumption in Delhi, including rising temperatures and expanded urban infrastructure.

The Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC) defines peak demand as the maximum power consumption in a specified time frame, usually measured in megawatts (MW). 

The record-breaking demand places additional pressure on the existing power infrastructure and necessitates strategic planning and management by DISCOMs to ensure uninterrupted and reliable electricity supply to residents, commercial establishments, and industries across Delhi.

Edited By: sanchayaita roy
Published On: May 22, 2024