Discover the '3 Ms' Of Mahua Moitra's Political Ideology

Discover the '3 Ms' Of Mahua Moitra's Political Ideology

Mahua Mahua

New Delhi, June 29, 2019:

Trinamool Congress (TMC) General Secretary Mahua Moitra's meteoric rise up the political ladders has been witnessed and marvelled at by many. In a matter of days, this virtual unknown has become one of the most well-recognized faces in the political arena after she fearlessly took on the ruling BJP administration (and even drew parallels with fascism, yikes!) in her first speech at the Lok Sabha, ruffling quite a few feathers along the way. But who is this firebrand TMC leader? Let's find out!

The 1976 born former JP Morgan investment banker gave up her lucrative job in 2009 (she was a vice-president at JP Morgan!) to make a foray into politics, and eventually won the Krishnanagar Lok Sabha seat.

The first time MP has revealed all in an interview with, including her secret success mantras of the 3 Ms for women politicians which have aided her in her political journey thus far.

She says: "Three are three Ms in politics, and money is not one of them. The first is 'method', the second is 'myth', and the third 'magic'."

Speaking about the first 'M', i.e, method, she says: "When you want to enter politics, you need a method how to do it. Whether you are going to do it via grassroots thing, whether you are going to do it via Delhi, or the media cell of an organization."

In regards to the second 'M', that is, myth, she says: "Once you are in, you have to create a myth, people have to start talking about you saying she is this, she is that, she can do that that. You have to create the buzz"

Talking about her third mantra, the 'magic', she says: "When you get into grassroot politics, you have to go out there and identify and connect with the people, and have them identify and connect with you."

Mahua Moitra has further stated that if a woman needs to have a blend of all three Ms if they are to become successful in the highly competitive world of politics.

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