Education Ministry forms high-level panel to reform NTA functioning, exam process

Education Ministry forms high-level panel to reform NTA functioning, exam process

The Ministry of Education has established a High-Level Committee led by Dr. K. Radhakrishnan to propose reforms for the National Testing Agency (NTA). The committee aims to enhance examination processes, data security, and grievance redressal mechanisms.

NTA Exam Reforms: Expert Panel Formed NTA Exam Reforms: Expert Panel Formed

The Ministry of Education has taken a significant step towards enhancing the transparency and efficacy of examinations conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) by establishing a High-Level Committee of Experts. This committee, led by Dr. K. Radhakrishnan, former Chairman of ISRO and current Chairman of the Board of Governors at IIT Kanpur, comprises distinguished members from various fields.

The committee’s primary mandate is to propose comprehensive reforms aimed at improving the examination process, bolstering data security protocols, and evaluating the structure and operations of the NTA. It includes renowned figures such as Dr. Randeep Guleria, former Director of AIIMS Delhi, and Prof. B J Rao, Vice Chancellor of Central University of Hyderabad, among others.

Key areas of focus for the committee include the analysis and enhancement of the examination mechanism to streamline processes and prevent vulnerabilities. It will also conduct a thorough review of NTA’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), recommending robust measures for compliance monitoring at all levels.

Additionally, the committee will evaluate the current data security protocols of the NTA, aiming to strengthen these protocols and ensure the integrity of paper-setting and other examination-related procedures. Recommendations on the organizational structure and functioning of the NTA will also be proposed to align with the envisioned reforms.

Furthermore, the committee will assess the grievance redressal mechanism within the NTA, identifying areas for improvement and suggesting measures to enhance efficiency in handling student grievances.

The committee is expected to submit its detailed report to the Ministry of Education within two months from the issuance of the order. It has been granted the flexibility to enlist subject matter experts to support its objectives.

This initiative underscores the Ministry of Education’s commitment to upholding the highest standards of transparency, integrity, and efficiency in the examination processes administered by the NTA. It aims to ensure that students and stakeholders have confidence in the fairness and reliability of these examinations moving forward.

Edited By: Krishna Medhi
Published On: Jun 22, 2024