First ever documentary film bazaar inaugurated at MIFF 2024

First ever documentary film bazaar inaugurated at MIFF 2024

The 18th Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF) launched the first-ever Documentary Film Bazaar, aiming to connect filmmakers with industry stakeholders. Held from June 16 to 18, 2024, the event attracted nearly 200 projects from 10 countries, showcasing its international appeal.

MIFF 2024: Documentary Film Bazaar Kicks Off, Connecting Filmmakers Worldwide MIFF 2024: Documentary Film Bazaar Kicks Off, Connecting Filmmakers Worldwide

The inaugural Documentary Film Bazaar was launched today at the 18th Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF), marking a significant milestone for the event. This groundbreaking initiative, held from June 16 to 18, 2024, at the NFDC complex, aims to elevate the documentary film industry by connecting filmmakers with buyers, sponsors, and collaborators. The event has attracted nearly 200 projects from 10 countries, representing 27 languages, highlighting its international appeal and diverse participation.

Film Producer Apoorva Bakshi inaugurated the Bazaar in the presence of notable figures including  Prithul Kumar, Festival Director of MIFF and Managing Director of NFDC, and  Smita Vats Sharma, ADG PIB (West Zone) and CEO of CBFC. Addressing budding filmmakers, Ms. Bakshi encouraged them to utilize the opportunities presented by the Bazaar for effective collaboration. "Let’s catch up, interact, and explore new ideas, possibilities, and collaborations while we are here," she said.

The Documentary Film Bazaar features three main curated verticals. The Co-production Market, which includes 16 projects, aims to connect filmmakers with potential collaborators, producers, co-producers, and financiers from around the globe. The Work-in-Progress (WIP) Lab, showcasing 6 projects in the rough-cut stage, offers invaluable feedback and mentorship from industry professionals to help refine these films. Additionally, the Viewing Room presents 106 completed documentaries, short films, and animation films to a curated audience of delegates, providing ample opportunities for distribution deals and funding.
In addition to these verticals, the Bazaar hosts an 'Open Buyer-Seller Meet' to facilitate collaborations in production, syndication, acquisition, distribution, and sales. A dedicated session explores the relationship between documentary filmmaking and corporate branding, with industry leaders such as FICCI discussing CSR funding as a tool for brand enhancement and societal impact. The event also features stalls by various organizations including Maharashtra Film, Stage and Cultural Development Corporation Ltd., J&K, IDPA, and Cinedubs, along with stalls facilitated by the Union Ministry of Tourism from countries like Sri Lanka, Belarus, Iran, and Argentina.

The Documentary Film Bazaar aspires to be an interactive hub, fostering collaboration between established professionals and emerging talents. By providing crucial support at various stages of production, it aims to propel the creation and distribution of impactful documentaries globally. Participants will gain valuable knowledge about current trends, market demands, distribution strategies, and audience preferences, with industry experts providing insightful feedback to help projects achieve their full potential.

This initiative underscores MIFF's commitment to amplifying filmmakers' voices and bringing captivating stories to the forefront of international cinema. As the premier platform for non-feature films in South Asia, MIFF continues to support the documentary film industry, ensuring it remains vibrant and dynamic. The Documentary Film Bazaar's launch is a testament to this commitment, promising a future filled with exciting possibilities for documentary filmmakers.

Edited By: Krishna Medhi
Published On: Jun 16, 2024