Gujarat: Activist Shabnam Hashmi calls for action against electoral misconduct

Gujarat: Activist Shabnam Hashmi calls for action against electoral misconduct

Gujarat-based human rights activist, Shabnam Hashmi, has raised allegations of electoral misconduct in the Gandhinagar constituency. She has called for immediate action, citing instances of political interference, intimidation, illegal practices, and forced voter manipulation.


Social activist and a renowned campaigner for human rights Shabnam Hashmi has alleged that the electoral process in Gujarat’s Gandhinagar constituency was not carried out ethically, thereby demanding urgent and strict action pertaining to the same. 

In a letter to Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar, Hashmi purported political interference and intimidation during the first phase of the Lok Sabha general elections in the constituency, further underlining that the state authorities delved into illegal practices and forced voters’ preferences. 

Narrating her investigation into the matter, she described her interaction with as many as 300 individuals from various constituencies who reported receiving intimidating and threatening calls, including instances of bribes and crimes with the aim to gain votes in favour of some specific candidates. 

Shabnam Hashmi also pointed at the regular use of religious symbols during election campaigns which hampers a free and easy electoral process. 

The activist demanded that the Election Commission look into the matter and take prompt action focused at prevention of such malpractices. Furthermore, she also urged the authorities to follow proper security measures in future to avoid similar incidents.

Edited By: Avantika
Published On: Apr 21, 2024