India’s ‘Garbage Mountain’ to Soon Grow Taller Than the Taj

India’s ‘Garbage Mountain’ to Soon Grow Taller Than the Taj

Taj Taj

Delhi, June 5, 2019:

Somewhat alarmingly, India’s largest “GARBAGE MOUNTAIN” is on course to grow taller than the Taj Mahal, the immortal symbol of love, in 2020.

The landfill, which is located in Ghazipur at the Delhi NCR, already takes up more than 40 football pitches of land on the eastern edge of national capital New Delhi, which is widely considered to be the world’s most polluted capital city.

The vast dump of rubbish rises by 10m every year. It is already 65m high and will be taller than the 73m Taj Mahal next year, according to the report by AFP.

This disgusting landmark is now so vast India’s Supreme Court has warned red lights will have to be put on the top to warn aircrafts.

The tip was opened in 1894, reached capacity in 2002 and has been growing ever since.

With a rapidly growing population and increasing consumption this is only set to continue. Indian cities generate 62 million tons of waste each year and current projections say this will increase to 165 million by 2030.

Scavengers and waste collectors -- mostly children -- go through this landfill every day and it actually provides the source of livelihood to many who live below the poverty line.

Moreover, this mega mountain of garbage has also caused health hazards to the people who live nearby.

Fires that can last for days regularly break out due to methane gas being belched out from the dump. In 2018 part of the mountain collapsed, killing two people. People living nearby say the air is so toxic they can hardly breathe and many have complained of acute respiratory and stomach problems.

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