ISRO chief advocates for modernizing temples with libraries to attract youth

ISRO chief advocates for modernizing temples with libraries to attract youth

ISRO Chairman S Somanath suggests transforming temples into societal engagement centers by installing libraries. He believes this innovative approach could attract youth participation and foster societal transformation.

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  • ISRO Chairman proposes libraries in temples to engage youth
  • Temples urged to transform into societal engagement centers
  • Somanath emphasizes on innovative ways to improve youth participation

ISRO Chairman S Somanath has proposed the establishment of libraries in temples as a means to attract young people to places of worship.

During an event where he received an award from the Sree Udiyannoor Devi Temple, Somanath emphasized the need for temples to evolve beyond being spaces solely for prayer and meditation. He suggested that they should also serve as hubs for societal transformation and engagement.

Expressing his thoughts, Somanath stated, "Temples should not only be places where elderly people come for nama japa (chanting the name of God), but they should also become places for transforming society." He urged temple managements to focus on drawing young individuals to these cultural centers.

Addressing the gathering, he remarked on the relatively low participation of young people at the award ceremony and encouraged temple authorities to explore innovative approaches. "Why not set up libraries in temples?" he proposed, envisioning these spaces as venues for young people to read, discuss various topics, and develop their careers.

Somanath emphasized the potential impact of such initiatives, stating, "If the temple managements work in that direction, it would bring big changes."

The event was attended by notable figures including former ISRO chairman G Madhavan Nair, Former Chief Secretary K Jayakumar, and V K Prasanth MLA.

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Published On: May 18, 2024