Lucknow: Girl who cannot see, hear or speak scores 95 per cent in class 10

Lucknow: Girl who cannot see, hear or speak scores 95 per cent in class 10

Despite being visually impaired, deaf, and speech-impaired, Sarah Moin from Lucknow, has achieved a remarkable 95 per cent in her ICSE Class 10 exams. Using a unique Orbit Reader, she accessed her textbooks which were converted into digital files.


Sarah Moin, a student from Lucknow, who is visually impaired, deaf and speech-impaired defied a number of physical disabilities to score a staggering 95 per cent in her ICSE Class 10 exams. 

Sarah was born with vision impairment and gradually lost her hearing after Class 3. 

According to her parents, Julie Hamid and Moin Ahmad Idrisi, the student’s journey has been filled with struggles and guidance. They took her for specialised treatment and continued her education at home using Braille.

Sarah's potential was recognised by Christ Church College, Lucknow, which offered her admission to a special class led by dedicated teacher Salman Ali Qazi. In this supportive environment, Sarah thrived alongside other differently-abled students.

Orbit Reader, a unique device that combines a book reader, note-taker, and Braille display, became Sarah's educational assistant. Her textbooks were scanned and converted into digital files, allowing her to access them through the Braille keyboard on her laptop.

Sarah used to communicate by drawing words on her family's hands using her fingers.

Her mother, Julie, a teacher herself, patiently revised Sarah's lessons by forming alphabets with her fingers, which Sarah would decipher and assemble into sentences.

Through her hard work, Sarah achieved remarkable scores: 99 in geography, 97 in chemistry, 92 in biology, and 89 in physics.

Edited By: Avantika
Published On: May 17, 2024