National Flag unfurled first time since Independence in Maoist stronghold

National Flag unfurled first time since Independence in Maoist stronghold

In a historical event, the national flag was unfurled in Puvarti, a village in Sukma, Chhattisgarh, for the first time since India's independence. This event marks a significant blow to the Maoist stronghold in the region with the establishment of a police camp.


The national flag was unfurled in Puvarti a village in Sukma, Chhattisgarh, marking the first time since Independence. This village, once a Maoist stronghold where they operated a parallel government witnessed the establishment of a police camp by security forces aiming to weaken the morale of the Maoists.

Puvarti, located on the border of Sukma and Bijapur districts, is the hometown of Hidma, a self-styled commander of the banned guerrilla group, and his successor Barsa Deva. This village served as a strategic planning hub for Maoists against security forces.

During a recent inspection, CRPF and state police officials found security arrangements in the village, including installations for surveillance. The village, with a pond and farms, had been a Maoist training ground and meeting place, where they recruited young villagers from nearby settlements.

A rest house that once functioned as a school in the village has now become a security camp, symbolizing a significant setback for the Maoists. The security forces have opened seven camps in the area over the past few months, changing the landscape of an area once considered too dangerous for law enforcement.

The new security camp allows for quicker response to Maoist movements, a crucial development compared to the previous delayed arrival of security teams. This is particularly important after a recent Maoist attack on the Tekalguda police camp, which resulted in the death of three CRPF soldiers and injuries to many others on January 30.

In a meeting with Hidma's mother, the Sukma Superintendent of Police assured support to the villagers, urging them to stay away from Maoist activities. He emphasized that the government schemes' benefits would be extended to the villagers, highlighting that cooperation is essential for the village's development.
The opening of security camps in the once-feared Maoist territory demonstrates a shift in the ongoing battle against the banned group, bringing hope for a safer and more secure region.

Edited By: Krishna Medhi
Published On: Feb 19, 2024