Onion prices likely to hit new highs in Diwali; Check the details here

Onion prices likely to hit new highs in Diwali; Check the details here

onion prices onion prices

New Delhi: Much to the woe of Indians, the onion prices are likely to rise significantly ahead of Diwali. The quality of the onions available in the markets nationwide is also likely to deteriorate during the upcoming festive season. Thus, onions that would cost around Rs. 20 a few days ago are close to costing Rs. 100 per kilo.

According to reports in some sections of the media, the price of onions is likely to soar up to Rs. 125.

Vendors have alleged that the prices are rising due to a shortfall in the supply of onions.

In some places, such as Mumbai and Maharashtra, the prices have already touched Rs. 100 in some places.

Nashik district which has the highest onion cultivation, suffered a lot of damage due to the bad weather and rains. 

Just last week, onion was being sold for Rs 30 rupees per kg is now available in for Rs 70-80 kg.

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The onion supply in Mumbai is mostly from the APMC market in Navi Mumbai where only 29 onion trucks and 47 tempos arrived on Thursday. In normal days, this number used to be around 70-80 trucks. Thus, the sales of the onions have also fallen sharply.

The prices of the onions are also rising very sharply in the wholesellers' market.

On Monday, the best quality of onion were priced at Rs 4552, the good onions for Rs 4100 and the bad ones for Rs 805, respectively.

On Tuesday, the three kinds of onion quality were priced at  Rs 4700, Rs 4100, Rs 1100.

On Wednesday, the onion cost per quintal was Rs 4800, Rs 4300, Rs 1452.

This week, the prices of the onions have continued to rise at a dramatic rate.

The three kinds of onion as per the quality cost Rs 7082, Rs 6400, Rs 1200 on Monday. 

For Rs 7812 the best quality, for Rs 7100 the good ones, and Rs 1901 for the bad ones on Tuesday. 

On Wednesday, the three kinds of onion quality were priced at Rs 7102, Rs 5801, Rs 1560.

The best quality of onion on Thursday were priced at Rs 7050, the good onions for Rs 6250 and the bad ones for Rs 1500, respectively.

According to the Union Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution, a sharp spike in prices by Rs 11.56 per kg over the last 10 days has taken the all-India retail price of onion to Rs 51.95 per kg.

This is 12.13 per cent higher than the price of Rs 46.33 per kg at this time last year.

In Assam's Guwahati, however, the onion prices still remain tolerable. At the Beltola Market in the city, where one can strike a good bargain for vegetables, the onions are costing around Rs. 40 on Thursday.

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Published On: Oct 22, 2020