Pakistan's defense minister foresees diplomatic turnaround with India after LS polls

Pakistan's defense minister foresees diplomatic turnaround with India after LS polls

Pakistan's Defense Minister, Khawaja Asif, expresses optimism for improved relations with India following the Indian Lok Sabha elections. This despite ongoing tensions over allegations of Pakistan's support for terrorism and territorial disputes in Kashmir.

Story highlights
  • Pakistan's Defence Minister predicts improvement in relations with India post Indian Lok Sabha elections.
  • Tensions between the two nations due to allegations of Pakistan supporting terrorism and territorial disputes.
  • Minister expresses confidence in Pakistan's economic resilience despite challenges, calls for US support in energy solutions.

Pakistan Defence Minister, Khawaja Asif has expressed high hopes for betterment in bilateral ties with India after the election season, poised to be held from April 19 and ending in June.

Relations between the 2 nations have strained over allegations of Pakistan sponsoring terrorism and sheltering India's declared terrorists, along with its occupation of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.

However, amidst these tensions, Asif sees a glimmer of hope. Speaking to reporters outside the Parliament House in Islamabad, he emphasized the potential for bilateral ties to improve after India's election phase, slated from April 19 to June.

"We believe there's a possibility for better relations with India after the elections there," Asif stated, acknowledging the complex background of Pakistan-India relations.

Highlighting Pakistan's efforts to address concerns related to terrorism, Asif discussed engagements with Afghanistan's Taliban-led government. However, he expressed frustration over the shifting attitudes of Kabul towards Islamabad, complicating efforts for regional stability.

On the economic front, Asif acknowledged challenges, including tax recovery and energy theft. Despite these hurdles, he expressed confidence in the government's ability to implement relief measures within the next six months.

Regarding the Pakistan-Iran gas pipeline project, Asif urged the United States to provide alternative energy solutions, considering Pakistan's economic constraints.

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Published On: Apr 02, 2024