PM Modi vows legal action against corruption, blames Congress for tribal district backwardness

PM Modi vows legal action against corruption, blames Congress for tribal district backwardness

At a recent rally in Jharkhand, PM Narendra Modi promised strong action against corruption, including legal repercussions for anyone involved. He also criticized opposition parties for their support of corrupt individuals.

Story highlights
  • PM Narendra Modi pledges strong anti-corruption stance at Jharkhand rally
  • Criticises opposition parties for supporting corrupt individuals
  • Promises continuation of free ration delivery to the poor under his leadership

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has declared a strong stance against corruption, vowing that those involved will face legal consequences within the next 5 years. Speaking at a rally in Gumla's Sisai, in Jharkhand, Modi emphasized the government's commitment to root out corruption.

"The former Jharkhand CM is behind bars for corruption, Modi is committed to wiping out this menace. In the next five years, all those who indulged in corruption will face legal action," he stated, without naming Hemant Soren, the jailed former Jharkhand chief minister.

Modi also criticized the opposition, particularly the leaders of the Congress and the INDIA bloc, for supporting corrupt individuals. He highlighted the irony of corrupt leaders rallying for corrupt practices, questioning their moral standing.

Furthermore, Modi blamed the Congress for the backwardness of tribal districts, citing instances where food grains rotted in godowns during the UPA regime and tribal children suffered due to starvation. He assured that under his leadership, free ration delivery to the poor would continue without hindrance.

The Prime Minister also pointed out the strides made by the NDA government in providing internet access to the poor, contrasting it with the previous Congress rule where such access was limited to the affluent.

Additionally, Modi criticized the Congress for its inaction against Maoists, alleging that this inaction was to preserve the party's vote bank. He emphasized the government's resolve to address security challenges effectively.

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Published On: May 04, 2024