Former CM Chamling accuses Govt of betraying Sikkimese sentiments by holding state day at Delhi

Former CM Chamling accuses Govt of betraying Sikkimese sentiments by holding state day at Delhi

Chamling Chamling

Former Chief Minister Pawan Chamling said in a strong statement that the SKM government's State Day celebrations in Delhi add momentum to the process of "demolishing our Sikkimese pride." He also accused the State government of betraying Sikkimese sentiments by holding the State Day in Delhi.

Former Chief Minister Pawan Chamling, in a strongly-worded statement, said the State Day celebrations at Delhi by the SKM government add momentum to the process of “demolishing our Sikkimese pride”. He also accused the State government of disrespecting the Sikkimese sentiments by celebrating the State Day in Delhi.

The SDF president maintained that Sikkim has a distinct history and that special constitutional provisions under Article 371F protect the State's special status, old laws, and distinct identity.

"As a proud state with a distinct history, we should celebrate our State Day on our ancestral land." We should be proud to host national leaders in our state. We could have invited Central Leaders from Delhi to our State Day. However, we should not be celebrating in Delhi. On such occasions, the country should be brought to Sikkim. "This is how we honour our state and show our pride," Chamling said.

Chamling questioned the need to celebrate State Day in Delhi, claiming that Sikkim is "so insignificant and little known that she requires promotion in the country's capital city."

"Secondly, there is a clear distinction between the State and the Centre in a federal system." A state holiday is a public holiday. No other state would travel to Delhi to observe state functions. That would be ridiculous and unworthy of a state."

The former Chief Minister claimed that celebrating State Day outside has "hampered the SDF's reverse integration."

"It is worth recalling that during the SDF administration, the country and the world came to Sikkim to celebrate our pride." "We organised many NE, national, and international events in Sikkim, and the President, Prime Minister, all NE Chief Ministers, and renowned personalities from around the world came at our invitation," Chamling said.

He cited top SDF government events as "examples of how reverse integration was bringing Sikkim to the centre stage of India." Instead of expanding on this process, the State Day celebration has now been moved to Delhi, he said.

"However, what can we expect from a Sikkim Chief Minister who was sworn in as such in Delhi?" I wouldn't be surprised if he relocates Mintokgang to Delhi. I'm not kidding. "Celebrating Sikkim's State Day in Delhi is an indication that the PS Tamang-led government is selling Sikkim's assets, pride, rights, and inheritance," Chamling said.

"Sikkimese people will soon have to travel outside of Sikkim – to Siliguri, Delhi, or elsewhere – to meet Sikkim's chief minister." Sikkimese dignity and pride will be extinguished. Perhaps the Sikkimese will need to travel to Delhi (Jantar Mantar) to fight for our Sikkimese identity. Sikkim will soon be the subject of a history textbook if his visionless, mindless, and anti-Sikkimese decisions continue”, he stated.

“Some of his supporters see nothing wrong with his actions. They have become oblivious to the direct benefits they are receiving. When Sikkim loses all of its rights, all of the material benefits (money and temporary power) will be useless. These are not trivial matters. The time has come for us to unite in support of Sikkim and secure it for future generations. "Remember, the Sikkimese people are losing their grip on Sikkim on a daily basis, both literally and symbolically," Chamling said.