Road disruption affects milk collection in Sikkim

Road disruption affects milk collection in Sikkim

Heavy downpour on June 9 and 10 has disrupted milk collection in Sikkim, leading to significant losses for dairy farmers. Landslides and road disruptions have worsened the situation, causing delays in milk procurement and marketing.


The Sikkim Co-operative Milk Producers' Union Limited said that significant disruptions in road connectivity have been reported following heavy downpour on the nights of June 9 and 10, resulting in devastating losses for dairy farmers due to which the registered members of Dairy Cooperative Societies have been unable to pour milk to the collection centers.

The union informed that the downpour has severely impacted Sisnay and Namphok under the South District, and a disastrous landslide at Majhuwa under Yangang Sub Division, South District, has resulted in devastating losses for the farmers. 

According to reports, more than 12 dairy cows have died, while many others are under treatment, as confirmed by the Veterinary Officer, Yangang.

However, the Sikkim union informed that in response to the crisis, field supervisors from respective milk routes have been activated to reach out to farmers and explore possibilities for the revival of milk collection into the system as soon as possible.

The Sikkim Co-operative Milk Producers' Union Limited ensured it working hard so that milk procurement and marketing are reinstated at the earliest. 

In light of the shortage of milk and milk products in the market, the union appealed its esteemed consumers, retailers, and agents to bear with the present crisis with patience for a day or two.

Edited By: Avantika
Published On: Jun 11, 2024