SDF 2.0 returning with Future Sikkim mission; will bring state back to forefront of futuristic politics: Chamling

SDF 2.0 returning with Future Sikkim mission; will bring state back to forefront of futuristic politics: Chamling

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Former Chief Minister Pawan Chamling stated on Sunday that the SDF 2.0 is back with the "Bholiko Sikkim, Suraxit Sikkim" mission to bring Sikkim back to the forefront of futuristic politics.

"The SDF 2.0 is back with a single goal in mind: to return Sikkim to the forefront of futuristic politics." The SDF 1.0 was established 30 years ago with the purpose of converting Sikkim into a Sukhistan of Hindustan, with the slogan "Naya Sikkim, Sukhi Sikkim." In his weekly press briefing, the SDF president stated, "The SDF 2.0 has now been geared up for the goal of Bholiko Sikkim, Suraxit Sikkim (Future Sikkim, Secure Sikkim)."

Chamling stated that the SDF government oversaw a paradigm shift in poverty reduction, infrastructure development, social engineering, hill industrialization, clean energy generation, cultural renaissance, feminism, organic farming, nature and environmental conservation (4 percent increase in forest cover), and good governance during its 25-year tenure.

"From 2024, Sikkim will go through another revolution at a different level, redesigning these successful policies and programmes in order to make Sikkim future-friendly." He stated, "Our politics will now be future-friendly politics."

During the SDF's 25-year rule, Chamling maintained that Sikkim was a reference point in futuristic politics.

He mentioned that world and national leaders used to praise Sikkim and listen to Sikkim's voice. He went on to say that organic Sikkim branding was one of India's most internationally acclaimed future politics.

"Ironically, there was a time when the entire world was interested in what was going on in Sikkim, and Sikkim was even awarded the Future Policy Gold Award." However, only a few Siliguri-based businesspeople, close friends of Sikkim's current CM, have expressed an interest in the state today. Sikkim has returned to square one in just three years," Chamling said.

"For 25 years, we ran a government that was free of corruption. The alleged MCX tax scam in Sikkim, which involves 1.71 lakh crore rupees, has deeply troubled me. The 2G scam (Rs. 1.76 billion) in 2008 and the Indian Stock Market Manipulation Scam (Rs. 40,000 billion) in 1998-2001 are India's other major frauds. PS Tamang, the Chief Minister, has lied about handing over the case to the ED. We didn't want his government to convert to Sikkim like this. In the coming years, the SDF will reclaim its former glory and lead it to new heights of glory," Chamling predicted.