Sikkim: 12 female students allege molestation by school teacher

Sikkim: 12 female students allege molestation by school teacher

Twelve female students in a Sikkim school have accused a teacher of molestation, leading to public outrage. The accused is yet to respond while authorities continue their investigation.


12 female students of a government school under Sikkim’s Soreng district were allegedly molested by a language instructor. 

A report by Police Daily Situation stated that the female students are within the age group of 8-14 years. 

The school received a complaint on May 8 concerning the molestation, following which the authorities approached Soreng Police Station.
The FIR was registered on May 10.

As per the police report, the police personnel received a written FIR from one individual from the school, on May 10 wherein it was mentioned that a group of around 12 female students of his school informed him of the alleged molestation on May 8. He said that the students stated that one of their teachers have been abusing them physically for a long time. 

The individual submitted the FIR on May 10 as he had to attend a training in Gangtok on May 9. 

In an earlier incident, a minor victim on May 10 alleged sexual assault by a family acquaintance in Namchi district, Sikkim. 

According to a written forwarding Zero FIR received by Singtam Police Station, the incident occurred on May 9 at approximately 11:30 am. The complainant, a teacher at a school in Sikkim, noticed that one of her students, who is 10 years old, was not her usual cheerful self. Concerned, the teacher counseled the child about good touch and bad touch.

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Published On: May 13, 2024