Sikkim: Authorities conduct extensive inspection along flood-affected areas in Rangpo

Sikkim: Authorities conduct extensive inspection along flood-affected areas in Rangpo

Under the leadership of Tashi Chophel, Deputy Commissioner, Pakyong, an extensive inspection was carried out in flood-hit areas in Rangpo, Sikkim. Various departments were present, and immediate restoration orders were issued.


A thorough inspection and stocking along the flood-affected areas under Rangpo Sub Division were conducted under the chairmanship of Tashi Chophel, Deputy Commissioner, Pakyong. 

ADC Pakyong, SDM Rangpo, SDPO Rangpo, DFO (T), DPO Pakyong, BDO Duga, MEO Rangpo, Panchayat and Councillor, as well as officials from Water Resource Department, PHE Department, Power Department, Forest & Environment Department and UDD Department were present during the inspection.

The programme began with a briefing session at the Tourism Information Centre hall by the District Collector, where he assessed the situation with various line departments. 

The inspection started from Chantar Rangpo and the drain along the alternative route above Sikkim Distilleries, as well as the debris collection on the road. 

DC Pakyong directed the PWD for immediate restoration by clearing the water channels and constructing an RCC band wall at the entrance of the road. Further, inspection was carried out along the dilapidated drains above EPCS Church Rangpo, where DC instructed BRO to maintain it promptly. 

Additionally, an inspection was conducted at the IBM area and Goli Ground Rangpo, where water accumulation below the fisheries office was noted. Instructions were given to RNP Rangpo to fill up the area to prevent water logging. 

An extensive inspection was done around the Lower IBM, where drains were obstructed at various points, leading to ponds of water. Orders were also issued to UDD and RNP for immediate restoration. 

Similarly, drains along the highway from IBM towards Singtam were found clogged at various locations, prompting instructions to NHIDCL to clear them as soon as possible. 

The team further inspected the approach road and drains below Singtam Hospital, which raised concerns. NHIDCL was instructed to restore them promptly. 

Additionally, representatives briefed DC  and the public about various mitigation projects and restoration measures that have been proposed for approval from higher authorities.

Edited By: Avantika
Published On: May 19, 2024