Sikkim CM hails peaceful elections, urges unity amidst challenges

Sikkim CM hails peaceful elections, urges unity amidst challenges

Sikkim's Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang commended the peaceful conduct and high voter turnout in the recent elections. He credited the victory to the developmental initiatives of the Sikkim Krantikari Morcha and called for unity and prosperity in the state.

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  • Sikkim CM praises peaceful elections and high voter turnout
  • Credits SKM's victory to developmental initiatives
  • Urges unity and prosperity for the state

Sikkim Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang praised the recent Lok Sabha and state assembly elections, lauding the peaceful conduct and the high voter turnout that marked these historic events. Tamang acknowledged the overwhelming support received by the Sikkim Krantikari Morcha (SKM), attributing the victory to the development initiatives undertaken in the past five years.

"The people of Sikkim have shown their faith in us, considering the developmental strides made during our tenure. This is the essence of democracy—where people's voices shape the government," Tamang remarked, emphasizing the importance of democratic choice and the power of the electorate in driving positive change.

While expressing regret for any discontent with the election outcome, Tamang called for unity and collaboration among citizens for the betterment of Sikkim. "Unity is our strength. Let us join hands to work towards a prosperous and golden Sikkim," he urged.

Highlighting the peaceful nature of the elections, Tamang commended the absence of any untoward incidents, making it a historic event for the state. He extended gratitude to the people of Sikkim, the Election Commission, and law enforcement agencies for their contributions to the successful conduct of the elections.

However, amidst the electoral triumph, Tamang addressed ongoing challenges caused by natural calamities. Landslides and heavy rains have led to loss of life and property damage, prompting swift government response efforts. Tamang outlined measures taken to provide relief to affected areas, including efforts to assist stranded tourists in Lachung and coordinate airlift operations for those in need.

Tamang also highlighted the importance of efficient government operations and transparency in governance. He shared insights from a recent coordination meeting with state officials, emphasizing the need for streamlined processes to enhance public services and ensure accountability.

"Our focus is on 'Governance at the Doorstep,' ensuring citizen-centric services and fostering a culture of transparency and accountability," Tamang concluded, underscoring the collective effort required to realize the vision of a prosperous and thriving Sikkim.

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Published On: Jun 17, 2024