Sikkim: District Collector Tashi Chopel reviews measures to combat water scarcity in Pakyong

Sikkim: District Collector Tashi Chopel reviews measures to combat water scarcity in Pakyong

The District Collector of Pakyong, Tashi Chopel, held a review meeting to address the ongoing water scarcity issues Officials from various departments discussed measures and challenges related to water resources

Story highlights
  • Joint inspection identified muddied water source due to road construction debris
  • Scheduled water supply for Pakyong Bazar and surrounding areas
  • Restoration work and pipeline laying issues near Pakyong Airport

The District Collector of Pakyong, Tashi Chopel chaired a review meeting today to address the water scarcity issues in Pakyong.

The meeting took place in DC's chamber in the presence of officials from the Public Health Engineering Department, Rural Management & Development Department, Forest Department and NHIDCL.

The meeting included discussions on various measures and challenges related to water resources.

The Public Health Engineering (PHE) Department's Assistant Engineer (AE) highlighted during the meeting that a joint inspection was carried out at the impacted site of Richu, Pakyong's main water source, on May 22. Representatives from the National Highways and Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (NHIDCL), PHE Department and Forest Department were engaged in the inspection. They recorded that surface runoff has muddied the Richu water source as a result of recent NHIDCL road construction and inappropriate disposal of debris. While NHIDCL acted quickly to address the issue however, the AE observed that the procedure was insufficient.

In response, DC Pakyong directed the concerned officials to conduct another joint inspection by May 29. He emphasised the need to revisit the site and implement corrective measures to be taken by NHIDCL at the earliest to ensure the effectiveness of the measures, thoroughly monitor the situation, particularly the debris from the new road cutting, and dispose of it in designated areas.

To address the ongoing water shortage as an interim solution, the water supply for Pakyong Bazar, Pachey Samsing, Naopgoan, and Pachey has been scheduled for morning and evening distribution.

In addition, the Block Administrative Centre's Junior Engineer (JE) provided an update on the water scarcity issue in Dikling Pacheykhani, East Dikling, and Zoomthang. Restoration work above the Pakyong Airport began after the water source in that area had been identified.

While the distribution line has been set up, the water pipeline needs to be laid through the airport drain. However, debris formation had blocked these drains. After consulting with the airport authorities, the debris was cleared, but it was discovered that the drain was damaged. Consequently, a decision was made to retrofit the drains according to their design. Upon completion of the retrofitting, the JJM pipeline will be laid through the drain.


Edited By: Riddhi Rishika
Published On: May 29, 2024