Sikkim government implements AI technology for enhanced road safety measures

Sikkim government implements AI technology for enhanced road safety measures

Sikkim’s new traffic measures crack down on violations with stricter penalties and AI-backed surveillance, revolutionizing road safety standards from May 25, 2024. From boosted fines to mandatory seatbelt and helmet mandates, these initiatives aim to curb recklessness and promote responsible driving, marking a significant leap in safeguarding lives on the state's highways.

Story highlights
  • Sikkim introduces increased fines for various traffic violations, aiming to instill discipline on the roads.
  • An AI-powered e-challan system from May 25 and mandatory seatbelt/helmet usage from June 1 enhance monitoring and enforcement.
  • Regulations emphasize seatbelt/helmet usage and introduce specific penalties for dangerous driving behaviors.

To improve road safety and to reduce traffic violations, the Government of Sikkim has introduced stricter penalties for traffic offenses, effective from May 25, 2024, for the AI-driven e-challan system and from June 1, 2024, for mandatory seatbelt and helmet usage. The new regulations replace the previous notification dated December 5, 2019.

The updated rules specify increased fines for a range of offenses, including over-speeding, refusal to stop for weight checks, driving without valid insurance, and violating traffic signals. Over-speeding fines for goods vehicles are set at Rs 4,000 per incident. Drivers refusing to submit their vehicles for weight checks will face a hefty penalty of Rs 40,000.

Anyone caught driving uninsured vehicles will face a fine of Rs 2,000 for the initial offense, which escalates to Rs 4,000 for subsequent violations within 15 days. Zebra crossing violations carry a penalty of Rs 500 for the first offense, soaring to Rs 1,500 for repeat incidents. Similarly, the use of tinted windows incurs an initial fine of Rs 500, rising to Rs 1,500 for repeated violations within seven days. Over-speeding in light motor vehicles will cost offenders Rs 1,000 per incident, with a doubled fine of Rs 2,000 for repeated offenses. 

The notification also introduces specific penalties for dangerous driving behaviors such as jumping red lights (Rs 5,000, doubling for repeat offenses) and using a phone while driving (Rs 5,000 initially, escalating to Rs 10,000 for subsequent infractions). 

The regulations also state the importance of seatbelt and helmet usage. Drivers and passengers not wearing seatbelts in Light Motor Vehicles (LMVs) and commercial vehicles will face penalties under Section 194 B (1) of the Central Motor Vehicle (CMV) Act, 1988. For motorcyclists, wearing protective headgear conforming to Bureau of Indian Standards is mandatory with violations punishable under Section 194 C of the CMV Act.

Wearing a seat belt from June 1st, 2024 is mandatory, penalties may apply for non-compliance.

Edited By: sanchayaita roy
Published On: May 22, 2024