Sikkim: Sochyathang hospital turns into Covid-19 hotspot, seeks urgent govt assistance

Sikkim: Sochyathang hospital turns into Covid-19 hotspot, seeks urgent govt assistance

Sikkim COVID-19 hotspot Sikkim COVID-19 hotspot

GANGTOK: One Covid hospital at Sochyathang, Sikkim has become a hotspot for Covid transmission and has asked the government and concerned authorities to help.

Reportedly, there is scarcity of some essential medicines inside the Covid hospital and in case of requirement attendants of the patients were sent to fetch it from outside medical shops.

But there are certain cases where the whole family is infected and those family have hardly someone to procure it for them. Hence, the primary contacts are forced to get involved in this process.

Due to the practice of this process to procure food and other essential stuffs, transmission of the virus is taking place in and around the hospital, many vulnerable people are getting infected which includes patients taking treatment for other diseases at the hospital.

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Before situation gets worse than it already is, the hospital is desperate for some urgent government assistance.

They have put forward a few neccessary steps to be taken and those are as followed --

•Availability of all the medicines and necessary items for covid treatment inside the covid setup itself.

•The attendants who are allowed to stay inside with the patients due to acute staff shortage should be provided with food and a space inside the centre itself so that there is less movement of people in and around the centre.

There has also been news of non availability of portable x-rays, certain essential blood investigations because of which the monitoring of patients progress especially those on ventilatory support is being severely compromised. This has to be solved immediately on a high priority basis.\

•Covid-19 dedicated hospitals and areas handling the bodies of covid patients who has succumbed to the disease should install CCTV cameras to facilitate management.

•An independent team of doctors and other experts to be formed for inspection of the covid hospitals to facilitate management.

•Volunteer activity in and around this area has to be highly coordinated and regulated by the hospital administration.

•The pharmacies should adopt cashless mode of payment or other methods where the chances of transmission are reduced.

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Published On: May 15, 2021