Sikkim: In a first, Sanglaphu Cho Lake opens for tourists

Sikkim: In a first, Sanglaphu Cho Lake opens for tourists

Sikkim's Sanglaphu Cho Lake, known for its religious significance, has been opened to tourists for the first time. The authorities have imposed certain restrictions to respect its spiritual importance.


Sikkim's Sanglaphu Cho (Sanglaphu lake) in Mangan district opened for tourists for the first time on April 30.

Renowned for its religious significance, the authorities permitted the entry for tourists with certain restrictions in deference to its holy spiritual importance.

The lake which is located at an altitude of 5,080m (16,670ft), is about 5 km far from Yumesamdong, also called Zero Point near Lachung.

To embark on the new beginning, the monks of Samten Choling Monastery in Lachung conducted a special prayer service which was attended by the pipon of the Lachung Dzomsa, local residents as well cab drivers and hotel associates, according to sources.

The pipon of the Lachung Dzomsa, Pema Wangdi Lachungpa said that the Sangla Phu Lake signifies a vibrant tapestry of rich heritage and religious beliefs.

He added, “Tourists and visitors can now embark on a religious trip here. We would also like to request everyone to act responsibly and make sure to not litter the lake and its vicinity. Let us embrace our culture in a sustainable and judicious manner.”

It may be mentioned that Gurudongmar was a famous lake earlier but after the Glacial Lake Outburst Flood (GLOF), it closed giving way to the establishment of the Sanglaphu Lake. 

Sanglaphu is a mountain peak which is located at 6,224 m (20,420 ft) in the northeastern part of Sikkim and is a part of the Dongkya range. On its west is water which flows from Gurudongmar Glacier to Gurudongmar Lake which becomes the main source of feeding water to Teesta River. On the opposite end is the main summit of Gurudongmar while the southern part is drained from the Lachung Chu.

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Published On: May 01, 2024