Sikkim: SKM party legislatures meeting held, to conduct 'Ghar Dailo Abhiyan'

Sikkim: SKM party legislatures meeting held, to conduct 'Ghar Dailo Abhiyan'

The legislature also decided to celebrate the upcoming 11th foundation day at the CLC level in the respective constituencies.

SKM party legislatures meeting held in Sikkim SKM party legislatures meeting held in Sikkim

The 15th edition of the SKM Party legislatures meeting was held at Mintokgang, the official residence of the Chief Minister of Sikkim. 

The meeting was attended by all the legislatures of the SKM Party, Advisors to the CM, Political Secretary and Press Secretary to the CM. 

The meeting began with the offering of Khada and assigning the Shava Adhyaksha to CM PS Golay by HMLA Bishnu Kr.Sharma. Then after CM PS Golay briefly highlighted the agendas of the meeting. CM briefed the house about the wide appreciation by the Central Government and National Media with respect to the recent announcement of incentivization for improving the fertility rate in the State by the Government of Sikkim. He also shared his experiences about the ongoing Janata Bhet Ghat Karyakram which has been positively received by the grassroots public. Concerning the Health and security issues of HCM, the house suggested CM limit the programme to 9 pm every day while conducting Janata BhetGhat Karyakram. The initiative of the CM to meet the public personally has totally disturbed the opposition and left them with no real issues to counter; expressed by the members present in the house. 

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Similarly, officials from the Department of Personals and Roads & Bridges Department highlighted the meeting about various developmental works initiated by the SKM government under the pragmatic leadership of CM PS Golay and various upcoming job openings as well as data on jobs provided to date by the SKM government. 

During the meeting agendas like the formation of screening and development committees in every GPU, Zilla TC, formation of Drivers welfare board, formation of underdeveloped village development board etc. CM also briefed about various inventive and beneficiary plans for the upcoming financial year. 

Similarly, the meeting of the legislature also decided to celebrate the upcoming 11th  foundation day at the CLC level in the respective constituencies. Also, from 1st February 2023 a month-long Ghar Dailo Abhiyan will be conducted in every constituency which is to be concluded with the mass Jan Sabha on 3rd March 2023 at Rangpo. 

During the Ghar Dailo Abhiyan, the party workers will collect data from the grassroots:  address their grievances and highlight government developmental projects.  

The meeting also briefly discussed various ways to strengthen the party's organization, works initiated by the youth wing for the welfare of youths and the Nari wing were also presented to the house.  

Also, strengthening of social media and other wings was also briefly discussed. The data of various support extended from youth development funds to empower youths and NGOs was also presented in the meeting. 

The roadmap for the upcoming 2024 elections was also briefly discussed in the meeting of the legislature. 

CM also briefed various supports initiated from the Chief Minister's discretionary grants. He appeals to all Karyakartas and legislatures to give their maximum time in their respective constituencies addressing their problems, he stressed strong teamwork for the all-round development of the Sikkim and Sikkimese people.

Edited By: Atiqul Habib
Published On: Jan 23, 2023